How to Rock That Palazzo


The palazzo trouser is something I think every lady should have in their wardrobe, it is stylish, malleable and very useful in every occasion not to mention it is very decent. Even our Muslim sisters can rock this trouser with all confidence.

There are different types of palazzo, ranging from print to floral, plain, sporty, striped, slit etc. all palazzo should be high-waist trousers, if it’s not on your belly button then you aren’t wearing it appropriately also the palazzo looks classier when you wear it with heels. The appropriate heels depend on the occasion you are wearing it too. Let’s start with the slit palazzo pants

Slit Palazzo pants

The slit palazzo good for casual dates and parties, best worn with a strappy heel or just a beautiful high heeled sandals as seen in the picture. Also more chic with crop tops.

Striped Palazzo

It could be horizontal or vertical stripes but most often vertical.
Goes easier on the eye with plain tops, sleeves or short sleeved not necessarily a crop top.
Could work with a matching striped top however, tall slim ladies could appear much “longer” if vertical stripes are worn from hair to toe and petite curvy ladies should avoid wearing horizontal stripes from hair to toe too.

Floral Palazzo

Amazing for going to the beach or just to look as beautiful an elegant as a flower. Because of the happy nature of this palazzo, it’s best worn with sleeveless tops or crop tops.
For beach occasions, a comfortable flip flop or sandals could be worn.

Plain Palazzo

The classiest of all the palazzos and also multi- purpose. Could be worn to weddings, dates, to the office, to the beach (especially the white).

Cropped palazzo

Most difficult to wear but also very sophisticated. Could be worn with heels or sneakers depending on the occasion.
Palazzo for curvy ladies.
This is the way to for curvy ladies, no need to think that the trousers will make you bigger actually it gives a slimming effect. Once the palazzo is of the right size and it fits, rock it girl!

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