ABH Football Awards: End of Another Successful Season.



No sooner than the final whistle of the Dr Aire’s FA Cup Final between Stampede and Titans resounded last Saturday, November 11, 2023, did the ABH FA commence awards presentation for the entire football season— encompassing the ABH League, Super Cup, and FA Cup. Held at the ABH Quadrangle, this year’s programme which was not as grand as the previous season’s, was focused solely on presentation of plaques and medals to winners in various categories, after which the event was brought to a close – nothing more.

Mark Obeya, the FA Chairman and moderator of the event, later explained, “The reason we did not have a ceremony was majorly because of some issues with logistics. We weren’t certain in time that we had the funds to pull off something grand. So we didn’t send out invitations to guests early like we did last year.”

At the event, top leaders of the hall took turns presenting awards to various winners, starting with officials of the ABH League receiving medals for meritorious service, followed by members of the FA and the technical committee.


Following presentation of awards to the officials, outstanding participants of the female ABH League were recognized and decorated. The Female Affairs Minister presented awards to Sparrow FC players, winners of the league, along with Coach Fagbohun, who received gold medals. Sarah Adedoja was the league’s highest goal-scorer, and Joan Anucha was named the best player.


The Speaker of the House, Hon. Solomon Okpara, presented silver and bronze medals to Gladiators FC and Blazers FC, respectively. The Hall Chairperson, Jesufemi Adeyeye, awarded gold medals to Stampede United, the ABH League winner, also victorious in the Super Cup and FA Cup.

The champions, Stampede United, celebrating their trophy.


Individual awards followed:

1. Edwin Cole’s Award for the Best Brownite in the league — Benjamin Adekunle (Karbon).

2. Desportique Sports Brand Award for Best Playmaker in the league (highest number of assists) — Caleb Opone.

3. Temzy’s Best Back Man in the league — Joseph Friday Agbafor.

4. EP7 award for the Highest Goalscorer — Benjamin Adekunle (Karbon).

5. Leget’s Award for the Most Valuable Player in the league — Babalola Boluwatife.

6. Ancestor’s Award for Rookie of the year in the league — Jonadab Awopegba.

7. Best Forward of the season award for having the highest goal contribution in the league — Babalola Boluwatife.

8. Ope Ala’s Award for the Best defender in the league — AbdulBaasit Saliyu.

9. Wilfred’s Gaffer Award for the Best coach in the league — Abdulsobur Abdulazeez Olatunde.

AbdulBaasit Saliyu (middle), the best defender in the ABH League, being celebrated by the Sports Minister, Charles Opara (left) and the Hall Chairperson, Jesufemi Adeyeye (right).



1.Most Valuable Player — AbdulBaasit Saliyu.

2. Award for highest goal scorer — Babalola Boluwatife.

3. Award of Excellence for offering the most outstanding service in the FA — Eseosa Ofumwengbe-Evba.


Backman: Friday Agbafor

Defender: AbdulBaasit Saliyu  

Midfielders: Karbon, Habeeb

Striker: Boluwatife

Coach: Yusuf

Under the leadership of Mark Obeya, the FA Chairman, Brownites have witnessed about 26 weeks of exhilarating football, a feat that has successfully brought two football seasons to fruition – a rarity in recent times. As we bid adieu to this season, it symbolizes the conclusion of an era under Mark Obeya’s headship.

The fate of the ABH League now stands at the crossroads, awaiting the stewardship of another. We can only hope for an improvement in the league’s fortunes, moving forward. Congratulations to all the deserving winners who have left an indelible mark on this football journey.

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