Christmas is in the air and the bells are already jingling. Everywhere has taken a new and fresh look and of course, it is a jolly holiday in town. However, the story looks different for medical students, as they usually spend their Christmas and New Year holidays taking rounds in the hospital ward. Knowing fully well that there won’t be an homecoming, plans would have been on ground on how to spend this Christmas in ABH but now, it seems there will be a change of plans owing to the recent suspension of physical activities in and around ABH.

Omicron, the new COVID variant, has been on an active surge around the world, and the story is no different in ABH and the entire UCH community. Before now, there have been rising indications that the mixed hostel might be shut down due to rise in positive cases, a prophecy which finally came to fulfilment this morning. The mindboggling news was however received with mixed feelings: for those who have been clamouring for a break out of the rigour of COMUI, it was a dream come true, whereas disappointment is in the picture for those who already have a clearly marked out plan in ABH and indifference among the class of ‘what will be will be’.

Now that the miracle of holiday has happened again in ABH and homecoming beckons with open arms. Definitely, this Christmas will be a stress-free and an interesting one, depending on the environment and the manner with which the individual in question plans to go about it. For instance, someone who resides in a rural settlement will find it less amusing to forsake the glamour that a city like Ibadan affords for the stillness and simplicity of a countryside; this in turn depends on the personality type, whether fun-loving or a nerd. And that is even if Omicron, the author of this holiday has not decided to finish it even before it kicks-off via lockdown, thereby staving off the fun and thrills of this season.

With the official announcement of vacation coming this late, the possiblity of a large chunk of ABH dwellers travelling home before tomorrow is low, meaning that, a good number of students will still be on ground tomorrow to celebrate the yuletide in ABH. The question now is how to make this Christmas worthwhile even if it means doing it without family members.


As said earlier, a good number of brownites will still be very much available tomorrow and that will just be enough to electrify the atmosphere of ABH. Groups can come together to celebrate in different styles. As a matter of fact, prior to now, various groups have observed Christmas carols and other activities to celebrate this special season. It was last week that I came across a video on the WhatsApp status of a friend where members of a particular MBBS class organized a christmas party, with two of them dressed in the Santa claus costume and two days ago, quills club also had a Christmas party with a creative conception and design of a ‘bookmas’ tree; a pile of books arranged to resemble a miniature Xmas tree with a string of lights.

This period could also be seen as a very good time to make new friends in ABH and UCH at large. On a lighter note, for Brownites who are still single and do not wish to start a new year that way, this might be a big chance to hit the jackpot. It seems the hall chair has arranged something as regards this, you can contact him for the necessary connections that matters.


Christmas is a time of love and joy and in order to make it count, gifting a fellow brownite will be a very productive way to do it. This is not limited to just intimate friends or lovers, a real and unconditional show of love is giving without any strings attached. As a matter of fact, ABH cleaners should top the list of people that should get your gift this festive season, the best way to show our love to these dedicated set of workers, who have worked round the clock the whole year, is to appreciate them with a token of love, and no amount is too small.


The UCH community is one that yearns for serious compassion and welfare. A number of people go through unpleasant experiences and situations; some are down with life-threatening disease, some have not been able to settle their hospital bills after being discharged for a very long time while some sincerely and practically have nothing to live on on a daily basis. This season is one in which we should extend arms of hope and love to these forgotten ones.

You can join volunteer groups on their outreaches on Christmas day. Apart from money, a good meal for the day is what somebody out there might need, a few hours of your time could make a person’s whole year and aside all these, spending quality time with someone else might just be what you need to make the most out of this year’s Christmas.


Another way to spice up your Christmas is to delve into the collection of movies that are already out this December; movies like great christmas switch, A castle for Christmas, A boy called Christmas, Single all the way, Blending Christmas, Under the christmas tree, the nollywood’s A Naija christmas, Vendetta, the king’s man, Matrix resurrection, spider man and a number of others. Here is a guide.

You might also like to go to the cinema with your loved one. It’s all worth it. Checking in at nice eateries is also a memorable way to spend this Christmas.


Beyond the customary SMS, phone or WhatsApp voice call, giving your family members and friends a video call looks more affectionate and lovely. Getting to see each other face to face makes the conversation more enriching and engaging. That way, you will strengthen the bond of love and create a very close alternative to physical interaction that wasn’t possible due to some factors. Merry Christmas and ensure you have all the fun that you can have.

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