JOKER movie set to hit cinema screen on Friday


Following widely acclaimed reviews after an initial premiere at the 7th Venice International Film Festival, JOKER is scheduled to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures on Friday 4th October. Set in the early 80’s at Gotham city, Joaquin Phoenix plays the lead role as Arthur Fleck – a failed comedian who evolved into a nihilistic criminal. In a film “rottentomatoes” described as a dark evolution for comics inspired cinema, JOKER attempts to draw attention to a society haunted by the ills it failed to address early enough.

By placing a ban on masks and awkward costumes at viewing centers, many police departments and cinemas in the United States and Canada have taken security measures to avert “movie-induced violence” on the release date. However, there is still a growing concern that JOKER might not only shape the future of comics negatively but also inspire actual bloodshed in an era where mass shooting is rampant.

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