Hoyas ’24 Pumping Sports Tournament


It’s another thrilling season of sports events in the Alexander Brown Hall. As an alumnus of the Hall, Dr. Fadipe (Hoyas) organized a self-sponsored event called the Hoyas’ 24 Pumping Sport Competition. This is the first official competition of its kind, although Mark Obeya claims a similar event was casually played last year. The competition features four categories: football, basketball, table tennis, and volleyball. Each category has separate male and female sections, except for volleyball, which features mixed-gender teams.

According to the schedule released by the sports committee, headed by Hall Sport Secretary Mr. Fuhad Ajibola, the competition was supposed to start on Thursday with male and female tennis games. However, due to players’ busy schedules, these matches were postponed. The female game was moved to Friday and the male game to Saturday, while other games remained as scheduled.

The competition has been well-received by all Brownites, evident in their support, participation, and comments. Mr. Dapo, in MBBS 2K23, remarked, “The competition is an opportunity to relieve academic stress, flex one’s muscles, and there’s a reward for the top teams.”

Team pairings was based on random selection through balloting, except for tennis, where players faced off directly.


Male Football Qualifier

The first match, originally set for 4 pm, started at 4:55 pm due to team constitution delays.

First Match: Team 1 vs. Team 3

1st Half: Goalless draw (0-0)

2nd Half: Fuhad scored for Team 1 after a defensive mistake, ending the game 1-0.

Man of the Match: Alonge Razaq

Second Match: Team 5 vs. Team 6

1st Half: Tafa scored for Team 6, ending the half 0-1.

2nd Half: Habeeb and Rahmoni added goals for Team 6, ending the game 0-3.

Man of the Match: Akinlabi Habeeb

Third Match: Team 2 vs. Team 4

1st Half: Ola scored for Team 4, but Ayotunde leveled the score. Half-time score was 1-1.

2nd Half: Ola and Ayotunde scored for Team 4, with Yusuf responding for Team 2. Final score was 2-3.

Man of the Match: Ayotunde Oni.

Teams 1, 4, and 6 progressed to the semi-finals, with Team 2 joining them as the best loser due to goal advantage.

Semi-final Fixtures:

Team 1 vs. Team 4

Team 6 vs. Team 2

Female Basketball

The final match, delayed by two hours, was between Team O² and Team FK.

1st Round: 2-1 in favor of Team O².

2nd Round: 6-6 draw.

Total Score: 8-7 in favor of Team O².

Winner: Team O². Congratulations to them!

Male Basketball

Four teams participated: Team AB, Team Arokoyo, Team Ishmail, and Team MJ.


Team AB vs. Team MJ: 14-16 in favor of Team MJ.

Team Ishmail vs. Team Arokoyo: 16-9 in favor of Team Ishmail.


1st Round: 7-6 in favor of Team Ishmail.

2nd Round: 3-9 in favor of Team MJ.

Total Score: 10-15 in favor of Team MJ.

Winner: Team MJ. Congratulations to them!

Table Tennis

The male tennis game was postponed due to many players being involved in football. It will be played on Saturday.

Female Table Tennis

1st Round: 11-9 in favor of Eniola Femi-Oni.

2nd Round: 13-11 in favor of Eniola Femi-Oni.

3rd Round: 11-8 in favor of Eniola Femi-Oni.

Winner: Eniola Femi-Oni. Congratulations to her!

It was a beautiful and refreshing evening for Brownites, who enjoyed spectating and participating in several exciting and demanding contests in the male football category, the male and female basketball categories, and the female table tennis category of the Hoyas’ 24 Pumping Sport Competition. However, a classic showdown awaits in the upcoming games. Medals and prizes will be awarded to deserving individuals and teams.



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