7 Ways to Liven Your ABH Room in 2024

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The “New year, New you” phrase at the start of every year has quickly become cliché. This might be due to the realisation that becoming a better version of oneself does not happen overnight. Growth is a continuous journey. Conversely, changing your room is quite different. It can happen in an instant. Hence, to become the ‘new you’ that you desire, start by extending some chivalry towards your room this year.

You do not have to be well-versed in interior decor or have a fat purse to add some spice to your room. It only takes a little more intentionality to achieve this. Remember the popular saying, “It’s the little things that matter”, meaning that, big changes are not always heralded by grand gestures, but more often than not it is the small changes that count.

While you read this, keep the picture of your room in mind and let me take you through seven different ways you can breathe new life into your room:

1. Be not shy to shine: Are you tired of your plain old white bulbs? Could this be the year you invested in coloured lighting? Bulbs come in various colours from red to blue, green and others. You can choose a colour that best fits your room. Also, while it is hoped that the power supply remains remarkably good as it is now, having a rechargeable lamp or torch will do you much good in case those dark days are not completely behind us.

2. Be Solid: Have you ever considered a wall art? It could be as simple as a pretty mirror or a photo frame, hung on your wall, to the more sophisticated framed paintings or craft designs. Wallpapers are another way of giving your wall a different look without having to go through the rigours of repainting. But, if repainting is a luxury that you can afford, then why not? Alternatively, satin blinds that drape nicely over your side of the walls can provide an interesting backdrop to photos and videos.

3. Declutter your mind space: For the various blocks in Alexander Brown Hall, the sizes of the overhead shelves differ, but they are present nonetheless. An efficient way to make your shelves wear a new look is to declutter. Take down unnecessary books or items that you rarely use and create more space. This alone can be sufficient but if you want to go the extra mile, consider getting a mini flower vase with artificial flowers in it, a fancy pencil case or anything else you wish to make the centre of attraction of your now decluttered shelves.

4. Shut out negativity: Get your windows a wind of fresh breath by giving those louvres a good clean and eradicate the dusty areas around your windows. For your window blinds, save towards buying new ones if you are not satisfied with their present state. However, if you are undesirous of such extra expenses, a simple wash will definitively give your window blinds a fresh look and make you happier.

5. Maximise and work with what you have: Aside from the in-built drawers, the need might arise to have a table-and-chair pair for a workspace. This might be tricky if you are already experiencing space issues in your room but, you can still make it work. The key is to maximise space by tweaking the position of various items in your room.

6. Rest is key: As a major part of your space, your bed deserves more love and attention than it is accorded. Blame it on your iron or use, but disfigured or worn-out beddings are not the way to go this year. If they are beyond repair or recovery, give yourself the permission to get a new one and while you are at it, be a little more intentional about colours and patterns. Strive this year to always keep your bed free from disarray; this is particularly hard especially in the mornings because of haste but, it is possible nevertheless.

7. Fight against cold feet: For most rooms, carpets or rugs are the preferred flooring style. If you use a rug, you might consider giving that rug a much-needed wash, your feet will thank you for it. If you are a carpet user, you might consider getting a small-sized fluffy mat right by your bed; let fluffy be the first feeling you get out of bed the moment your feet hit the floor. Probably, your floor is bare, could this year be the year it gets a covering?

Which one of these tips can you effect at no cost to your purse? Which life principle speaks most to you? A new you must start with something and this could start with simply treating your room differently in 2024. Give new life to your room with just a touch of simplicity with intentionality.

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