Meet The Most Liveable and Unliveable Floors in ABH – Female Axis

By Ogundijo Deborah and Okwunze Kenechukwu


It has been two weeks since Lagos clinched its position as the second most unliveable city on earth, putting it on par with cities like Damascus and Tripoli- two cities that have endured wars in recent years.
Some indicators used in the ranking system included stability, infrastructure, and healthcare.

Similarly, the ABH Press commissioned work to identify the most liveable and unliveable quarters within Alexander Brown Hall. To grade all floors, we reviewed issues on floor hygiene, availability of running water, the stability of COMUI’s internet service, and other minor perks that were taken into context with consultations from members of the various floors.

See the best and worst performers below.

Following multiple deliberations with stakeholders and residents, the most liveable female floor is “A block- First floor .”
This widely admired area consists of 13 rooms which share a total of five toilets and five bathroom-spaces- one of the best resident to facilities ratios in the hall.


According to the testimonies of floor residents, running water is a norm almost every morning, with the bathroom and toilets always clean and in perfect condition.
The COM UI internet service coverage on the floor is also very applaudable, and residents cannot recall when a security breach occurred last.

The stories of ‘A block- First floor’ become spicier when the number of entrepreneurs on the floor is considered. Breakfast by Mo, Splendid Soup, and Janie’s treat, to mention a few, all operate within a few inches. It is needless to imagine the aroma of the atmosphere on a Friday evening when you can simply stroll to the floor and have a taste.

Of course, there are downsides to living on the first floor of A block. The proximity of its left wing to the hall’s entrance means that other Brownites can take a peek into your private life. When you are going for a bath, setting up your gas cooker, or dressing up for a date, there is always the likelihood of someone downstairs issuing an unnecessary greeting or waving at you.

Honorable mention – B block, 1st floor

The most unliveable (or somewhat least liveable) floor in the female axis was not so challenging to uncover. This goes to D block- Third floor.
Just like every floor adjacent to the rooftop, living on D block’s topmost floor epitomizes climbing a ton of stairs.

On rainy days, the floor is always in a sorry condition and flooded with water leaving the occupants with no option but to cross “the red sea” whenever they have a reason to leave their rooms. This continues until the cleaners are around to mop the floor. Let us not imagine what happens on a weekend where it rains heavily- especially if the weekend is followed by a two-day national holiday.

Apart from the one provided by rain, water is scarce on the floor. For the sake of comparison, in ABH’s most unliveable female area, running water is as scarce as a hen’s teeth, and there has been no record of water running from her taps since the beginning of this tenure. Moreover, the last time water ran through those taps was about four months ago.

The floor occupants have no choice but to source water from other places in the hall or pay for the filling of their water drums.

The unspoken rule in ABH reminds us of the situation of the toilet on floors where water is a hard currency, coupled with the fact that the toilets are almost always clogged. Imagine the inconvenience faced before making use of a “convenience.” In addition, the COM UI internet service is not in such excellent condition as some occupants complained of traveling to the cafeteria for better internet bandwidth.

Just as you guessed, there are some good perks to living on this floor. And here is one of them.
On most nights, when residents are retiring from confronting the challenges of the day, the pleasurable aroma of Leke’s barbecued chicken becomes manifest. For the few who take pleasure in this, this aroma represents a beacon of hope which energizes them to successfully confront the next day in return for a prize.

Let us know if you agree or disagree with this article.
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  1. Adesola says

    Eager to see what you guys have cooked about Male Blocks.

    1. abhpress says

      Stay tuned. It’s coming

  2. Testimony says

    “Unnecessary greetings..” That one got me.?
    But, I disagree with A block wherever being the most liveable.
    I’ll concede this: at the time this article was published, B block water issues had begun say 2months prior.
    My two cents: B block is the best female block. And at the time water ran in all floors, B block first floor is the best of em. There’s a COMUI router that works, admittedly slower than the others, but hey.
    The whole of B-block has the neatest toilets, bathrooms and kitchennetes— just renovated late 2019.
    Some of the A block guys who previously lived in B block sometimes still come all the way back to use the loo, nostalgia all over their faces and in their voices when they come to ask for the key.
    Privacy? Check. Relatively.
    New wardrobes? Check.
    Fans? Check.
    Though, just saw again that you gave this floor an honourable mention.
    I rest my case.
    An unnecessarily long one, but, hey.?

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