-By Chinedu Nwaduru

Weddings are magical! Weddings are blissful! But it becomes more endearing when there is a tale behind the picture. It gives the extra “ooomph!” to the conjugal bliss.

Newly wedded sweethearts, Modokpe Ejiro Otiotio and Tunde Kayode-Alli said their vows to each other and bound themselves in holy matrimony on Saturday, June 9 at the Uvwie Local Government Secretariat, Warri, Delta state; with a glamorous reception at Rodney Hall, KFT Event Centre, Warri, Delta state. It was indeed the happiest moment of Ejiro’s life, having to walk down the isle with her soul-mate, her best friend, her husband!


But alas! Little did she know that a surprise was waiting for her. An unexpected, unplanned, earlier-than-usual wedding present. Prior to her wedding, Ejiro was in the middle of her professional medical examination (Part III- Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology; one of the dreaded examinations in Ibadan Medical school), with the hopes of ending the exams and cooling off with “Le-boo” watching the sun set in the Bahamas. With the advent of the unexpected strike that placed a hold on the exams, the plans had to continue. Perhaps, gather enough happiness from the honeymoon to finish up the exams whenever it comes!


But the department of O&G had other plans in mind, setting the clinical exams to hold, Monday June 11; just two days after her wedding.

I heard about it at d weirdest time. During my fitting (wedding dress), I was in Lagos
I froze, I actually froze. The stylist kept asking, “What do you think about the hand, the neck,” I was just looking. Lucky for me I had Ona?, she tried to calm me because I was fretting, I had palpitations and I was sweating with the air conditioner on. I had an instant migraine. We had to step out to pray for a while , Ejiro said.

Anyone who knows or has written the O&G Clinical exams will definitely understand the various reactions the bride experienced instantaneously. But no matter, her resolve was resolute! Her support system, staunch!

I had my husband ?clearly the most amazing my personal hype man,lol. Then my parents who of course think I’m a genius..haha, it was quite funny because were literally saying “is it not just half of one paper? You will pass of course!” Then my girls ?Bolu❤Pelumi, Ona and May then Edwin (Edwin is a boy, mind you!), they created a group page titled ‘We shall pass this exam’. And then we tried to read and move stuff. Then the rest of my friends and family❤”


And ofcourse! She passed! I mean, who wouldn’t? With such strong backup!

I cried o? I actually cried. I was overwhelmed! Not just because I passed, but my girls passed, everybody that came for my wedding passed. It was d best feeling ❤❤”

And Dr. Tunde Kayode-Alli was there, through it all; bones and brains and all, despite the fact that the honeymoon had to wait a while.

It could not have been easy wedding your soulmate one minute, and the next, she is scurrying off to school to finish her exams.

He is the most understanding, the most patient, the sweetest guy on planet earth
Plus he has gone through Med school. He was actually my practice buddy, lol”


Though the honeymoon had to take an alternative route, Radisson Blu Hotels and the official home of The Kayode-Alli’s is certainly not a bad place to kick off the honey-moon spree of a lifetime. Every minute spent was precious, seeing as lectures were bound to commence in earnest after the exams!

With the traditional wedding holding on the 8th and the white wedding on the 9th, Ejiro against the odds, shone like the bride she was, wearing the radiant glow of a soon-to-be wife despite the trepidation that lurked within. With her traditional dresses designed by amyaghomi and her wedding gown styled by bridesnmoreikeja; nothing else could have better suited up the glam that her shoes by Head over heels by dunes with matching accessories by Warren James and Fossil.


A lustrous theme of purple and gold filled the air, planned and decorated by Elox events and KFT events respectively and covered by two amazing media houses: J-Gates Visuals and Liquid Imagery who spared no detail.


All’s well that ends well! A wedding against the odds!

A happy married life to Dr. and Soon-to-be Doctor (Mrs) Kayode-Alli.


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