On our virgin lands they came

Horses of wood from Albion’s shores

Carrying in them abundant fiends

With skins pale as lunar’s delight

On our ignorance they sat

Poaching us of our birth rights

And with it came a certain delight

One that fed their very pride

When we finally raised our shoulders high

They took to their heels in hateful cries

Spraying their venom on our youthful hearts

With their tongues of serpent might

Even in their wake we shiver and quake

The whip gone but the venom strong

We beat our chests and say

We kept the devils at bay

Our shadows look and laugh

As our steps mock our very claims

We have become the demons we fought

And have made our lands the devils’ bay

Perhaps someday we’ll siege and invade

And unleash our vengeance on some innocent bay

For what we are becoming is far worse

Worse than the devils that ruined this virgin tale


Courtesy of Quills Club

  1. TheValueAdder says

    I’m actually reading this with Yahya’s voice in my head…

    1. abhpress says

      Hahaha. . . makes the whole piece more vivid. Thanks for dropping by. . . we hope you enjoy the other posts

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