-By Chinedu Nwaduru

FCR, ABH– On Tuesday, July 17, The Quills Club held her first “open house” event since the hall resumed from her holidays. Held at the Famewo Common Room, the event was centered around showcasing the various literary works of her members to the general public.

Quills is a club that embraces and encourages young, budding writers honing their skills through various genres of literature (drama, poetry, prose) all the way to spoken words and so on.

Literary works ranging from short stories to poetry, and spoken word pieces were delivered to the delight of all who were present at the occasion, all of which were intellectual properties of the different authors, and were critiqued by the audience which included medical students, doctors and other invited guests from the university campus.

It was indeed an amazing two hours of appreciation to the power of words and literature, listening to the authors who brought forward their works, with an armamentarium of literary devices carefully seeded both in speech and writing.

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself, listening to my colleagues present their pieces. It’s quite interesting seeing medical students who can go beyond the rigors of medicine to do a thing or two to improve themselves,” a brownite said. 

The ABH Press, in the spirit of her appreciation of the nobility of the art, was granted permission to publish some of the works of the authors who spoke at the event.

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