-By Funke Olayiwola

FUNKE POEMMyriad of dreams have been nibbled in the bud,ideas and innovations that could have rocked the globe have been thrown in the dust,all because of the pending doom of men’s speech.

I have found out that one of the most common questions people often ask themselves before venturing into a new thing is “What will people say”??

At the verge of kick starting my business last year,this same question stared me in the face, threatened to drown me in the pool of anger,fear and doubts about what will Mr Lagbaja say?..what will Mrs Lagbaja say??

But then and there,I realized that men’s opinion will ever remain opinions,either good or bad,the opium of the decision,the game changing MOVE to act on that thing,that idea, LIES SOLELY ON YOU!
Yes YOU!only YOU have the key to your happiness!

Nevertheless, after all is said&done,a wise and effective approach in dealing with varying opinions is to carefully weigh our options,consider the pro’s and con’s of each and every one of them. Because in the real world, we can’t actually isolate ourselves from the opinions of other people.(This happens everyday in our schools,organization,etc where we have to work hand in hand with people)

I have a sieving approach to opinions, the good and effective ones, I take them and sieve them out from the cantankerous and destructive ones.

This week, be more deliberate in the opinions that you receive and most importantly STEP OUT of your comfort zone and chase your dreams hard till the finish line.

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