According to my research, I have discovered that most soldiers keep fighting even when the battle is over. I am a wounded soldier who has returned from a battle that I lost sorely, I have battled with what I should have done long enough but now I realize is not what is should have done but what I can and will do. I write this letter to the man who single-handedly started and won this battle, Prof. Seerged.

This is a letter to you sir:

Dear Prof. Seerged,

It is with all sincerity of hope and wish that I pray that you are enjoying a good portion of the $85 that you are getting from the blood, sweat and tears of your fellow countrymen. You started a civil war for your personal gains to the loss and detriment of young lives that fought valiantly for what is right. Sir, it will please you to know that I discovered that there are 5 stages of veteran transition after the battle(

  1. Veteran with entitlement: the ones always looking for handouts because they think the society owes them society.
  2. Veteran with self-pity: the ones who hold on to the losses of the war
  3. Veteran with identity issues: the ones who hold on to the war because they believe they have nothing else to live for.
  4. Self righteous veterans: the ones who feels like fighting in the war makes them more righteous than others.
  5. Veterans who get through all these stages to realize that the war is over and that they have picked skills from the war that can make them successful.

I fall into the fifth category dear professor and believe me I shall put the skills I have picked to good use. You have made me realize now that I am powerless and just knowing and fighting for what is right is not enough, I need power to enforce it. You hold all the power now and so you are confused enough by the power to think that it ends here, but it doesn’t. I will get you sir. The battle is over but the war is not. I pray every day that I draw breath that you live a long life, live till your 500 years please sir, don’t die at all costs because the more you live, the more you enjoy the portion of $85 you are allocated and the more I sharpen my blade of vengeance. With each increasing age of yours, the sharper my blade and the sweeter my vengeance.

I do not write this out of hatred sir, but out of deep love because only someone that loves you will want to teach you a lesson that you will never forget so that you wouldn’t make a mistake again. I am an avid fan of game of thrones and just like Arya Stark of Winterfell, I say your name every night before I fall asleep and dream of the day I avenge the blood, sweat and tears my comrades and I shed.

I love you sir,

Yours sincerely,


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