UADS DINNER: A night of Fire and Ice


It was indeed a night of glitz and glamour yesterday, as the University of Ibadan Dental Students Association (UADS) wrapped up her “ultra-mini” health week with the annual dinner party.

Held at the Hall of Rebecca in Ibadan, the event played host to a large number of dental and medical students, as well international students who graced the occasion for a night of “fire and ice”.

Although the event started on a really ICY note, with the MC who tried all in his power to “really break the ice” (which he could not, by the way), the dinner picked the pace in the later hours, with DJ sexy bringing down the “fire” with his “well-mixed” playlist.

Notable performances of the night, included AY SAX and Dr. Wizz, after which the dinner progressed to the handing of awards to members of the association.

Amidst the tasty meals and glammed up faces, many guests frowned at the poor lighting of the event as this greatly hampered personal photographs and “selfies” in addition to a “not-so-funny” MC. It was indeed a struggle getting a good spot with the lights, but it was all part of the fun (plus the rain)

The food indeed uplifted the spirits of many, with the wonderful appetizer of Bankylola’s small chops, assorted meals from Prestige Kitchen and light dessert of Vanilla Ice-cream and cakes.

Speaking of decoration, the venue indeed highlighted the core theme of the event with the red and blue light mixture casting a most welcoming atmosphere, further highlighting the many “fiery-red” gowns and red lips that graced the occasion, (but of course, the lights!!!)

For a dinner of this quality, despite the numerous struggles, one must definitely applaud the planning committee of the UADS dinner for putting up such a timely and resplendent event, to take the mind off the many struggles, the University currently faces.

Indeed it was a night to remember! Big ups to the team!

Here are some photos of the event below

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