In light of the upcoming ABH elections, ABH Press sat down with the sole aspirant for the post of ABH Defense Minister, Omoniyi Nicholas,“…to talk to him about himself and his interests, and to take a first look at his plans to better secure the lives and property of Brownites.
Good evening Nicholas. Please tell me about yourself. 

I am OMONIYI Nicholas Oluwasegun, a 500 level Medical Student and body builder. 

What are your motivations for running for office in ABH?

I want to continue the good work already in place in the hall and improve the state and awareness of the gym in the hall.

When did you decide to pick up a form?

A few months ago

Why ABH Defence minister? 

As an avid user of the gym, I’ve been opportuned to serve in the Defence committee since my arrival to the hall and have developed keen interest in ensuring safety of Brownites and their property. 

Do you think the Defence Minister is key in protecting the lives and properties of Brownites?

Yes I think so. I think the Defence minister plays a key role in the security of the hall.

How do you see your chances of being elected?

I think I have a fair chance at being elected. 

What do you think about the ABH gym?

There’s a lot of room for growth.

Is there anything in the ABH gym you would like to change or improve?

For a start, awareness amongst brownites, equipments in the gym, subscription regulation. That’s just the beginning. 

When did you start going to the gym and why?

About 5 years ago. Just a desire to be fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Asides the gym and being a medical student, What else do you do with your time?

I like to think I have a thriving social life. I love watching movies  a lot and I participate in other sports and I write too.

Describe who you think the ideal defence minister should be.

The ideal Defence minister should be decisive and responsive in situations of emergency. He/she should have good team work qualities and must try to prevent and forestall danger rather than being reactive. 

Is there anything we should look forward to if you become the ABH Defence Minister? 

I’d ensure Brownites are reorientated that ensuring security is the job of all of us and not just a selected few. There’d be increased vigilance in the hall. Also, improvements in the state and running of the gym.

Thank you Nicholas, and good luck in the polls.
Thank you very much. 

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