While we still expect a campaign poster, the ABH Press met with and had an interview with the aspirant for the position of Sports Minister to get to know him and get Brownites acquainted.

Pressman: Good afternoon. Please can you introduce yourself to Brownites?

Opara Charles: My name is Opara Charles Ugochukwu.

Pressman: Your class and department please?

Opara Charles: 400level student of Medicine and Surgery.

Pressman: Is that all?

Opara Charles: I am a 400l student of Medicine and Surgery and I am vying for the position of sport minister of Alexander Brown Hall.

Pressman: Alright, good. Do you have any hobbies?

Opara Charles: Majorly playing and watching sport games. Be it football, table tennis, basketball, snooker etc. Any game at all. I also love listening to music and cooking too.

Pressman: That’s interesting. So what inspired you to run for this post? Why are you vying for this post?

Opara Charles: I am someone that has so much passion for sporting activities and I believe as the Sports minister, I will be able to revamp the enthusiasm and participation of Brownites in Sports.

Pressman: Alright. Do you think your passion for sporting activities is enough to effectively carry this out? Or do you have other skills that will help you to carry this out effectively?

Opara Charles: No I do not think so. My passion will definitely go a long way but I also think my dedication to the interest of Brownites will play a role in carrying it out. As for my skills, I believe I have a good knowledge about the shortcomings of the past Sports ministers with regards to this matter and how to bypass or avoid them. I am also a strategic planner with good public communication skills that I believe will help me effectively carry out this role.

Pressman: That’s quite interesting. You mentioned that you have a good knowledge about the shortcomings of the past Sports ministers. Can you list few of these shortcomings?

Opara Charles: First, I would say the lack of activities and sporting programmes in the hall. When I came in as a fresher, asides the Saturday football and volleyball, it was only the ABH football league that was going on or publicised to go on. It was months later the ‘Kings of Court’ for the basketball players was held. I feel this makes Brownites especially the freshers to wonder if other sports are being played in the hall.

Second, there was also the lack of sporting facilities and how it affected Brownites’ participation in Sports.

Pressman: Alright. So if elected, what do you plan to do to make sure this doesn’t repeat itself?

Opara Charles: The first thing would be to take in account all sporting equipment available currently and ensure that they are maintained in good condition.
Unavailable ones would be purchased and also be maintained.

I would also work with the Hall members and officials to organise various sporting programs covering both outdoor and indoor games.

Pressman: That sounds great. Do you have any plans on how to get funds to purchase the unavailable equipment?

Opara Charles: From the budget allocated to the Sports. I also plan to contact the alumni both the ones actively involved in sports activities and the ones that are not.

Pressman: Okay. Have you served the Hall in any way before?

Opara Charles: Yes, I have.
I am a member of this very tenure’s Sports committee.
I was also the Co-head of the Prof O. B. Shittu Hallweek Sports committee.

Pressman: Great. Is there any new thing you’re introducing to Brownites, if elected?

Opara Charles: I plan to introduce new sports tournaments such as pool championship, table tennis tournament, and virtual games like FIFA and the likes.

Pressman: That sounds good. Goodluck with that.

Opara Charles: Thank you very much

Pressman: So you don’t have an opponent yet. Does this make you feel relaxed in any way?

Opara Charles: Not really. I believe I still have to gain Brownites’ trust and I am doing what I can to ensure that.

Pressman: Alright. Do you have any closing remarks for brownites?

Opara Charles: I am ready to serve as your sport minister and to represent Brownites. I will ensure that you all have the best sports year in the Hall.

Pressman: Alright. Thank you very much for your time, Mr Charles

Opara Charles: You are welcome. It has really been a pleasure.

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