Growing up, all the ‘cool’ guys and ‘happening’ girls were all connected on one social medium– 2go. Everyone who wanted to belong was on 2go, staying online day after day, night after night, just to move from one level to another. Oh, the joy of moving from novice to amateur to senior! The pleasures of being on professional or even veteran. It was definitely a thing of pride, an achievement that announced itself to everyone on its own.

Anyone on the last level was considered a boss and was given due respect because, truthfully, it wasn’t easy to move. It took commitment to move from level to level. Days of being online frequently, nights of endless chatting. Since moving was very obvious to anyone who sent you a message through the change in the colour of the starts, everyone wanted to move to the highest level possible.

How similar that experience is to the world we live in! We work day and night, through sweats and struggles just to move from one level to another in school, career, business and others. The only difference; there are no coloured stars pasted on our forehead changing colour as we move from one level to another. Little efforts here and there, moving us closer to the mark but sadly no way to let the world know, not until we get to the ultimate level, the final phase.

Oh I wonder, does this mean I’m not moving? Does this mean we aren’t moving? Does this mean I’m stuck at a level? Is it somewhere between enthusiast and professional, waiting till we can move past and somehow someway get to the expert level? Where exactly am I when it seems as though my efforts do not make a difference? Night and day I ponder, with no answers.

However, one question hits closer to home: How do I let the world see any advancement from novice to amateur even before getting to professional?

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