The much talked about and highly expected ABH league returned last Saturday, 6th of November. As early as 7:30am, the ABH five-aside pitch was already swarming with a number of supporters of the various teams participating in the tournament. Three matches were played and the trio of Sheggzy, Skippo and Stampede FC recorded their first wins!

The opening match of the tournament was between the MLS owned team, Avalanche FC and Sheggzy FC. It was a keenly contested encounter as there was no clear dominance from either side during the first half. Avalanche FC could have recorded the first goal of the tournament had they converted the 18th minute freekick but it seems luck was not on their side as the ball was knocked off the woodwork.

However, Sheggzy FC capitalized on Avalanche’s defensive error and got the lead in the 26th minute, courtesy of a clinical tap-in by the team’s forward.

The game slightly changed in the second half as Avalanche did more of the attacking while Sheggzy did more of defending. However, the pressure mounted by Avalanche was comfortably eased off by Shegzy’s compact defence line coupled with the brilliance of the team’s goalkeeper, Charlie.


STATS: A total of 18 shots was taken by both teams; 5 shots on target was credited to the Avalanche side while Shegzy recorded 7 shots on target. Both teams commited; 4 fouls each, 1 freekick each and 1 corner kick each and an Avalanche player was booked with a yellow card. Match possession stands at 55%(Shegzy), 45%(Avalanche). The fixture ended 1-0 in favour of Sheggzy FC.

The second match of the day featured Blackpool FC and Skippo FC. Both teams had approximately equal playing time for the first 20 minutes. Blackpool’s chance to take the lead came when a Skippo player committed a foul in the six-yard box, this resulted in a freekick which was well blocked.

Later on, Skippo FC took control of the match as they consistently mounted pressure on Blackpool’s defence but it ended goaless at halftime. However, an early stunner by Skippo FC’s Austin in the second half broke the deadlock and put them in front. Skippo FC did not relent as they continued knocking on Blackpool’s goal but they failed to convert two big chances that came in quick successions owing to a lack of focus in their forward line.

However, as the match draws to a close, Blackpool lost coordination at the back and Skippo FC doubled their lead and went on to seal their victory with a third goal.


  • Shots(on goal): Blackpool(2) – Skippo(6)
  • Freekicks: Blackpool(2) – Skippo(2)
  • Cornerkicks: Blackpool(0) – Skippo(2)
  • Cards: Skippo( 1 yellow)
  • Fouls: Blackpool(2) – Skippo(4)
  • Possesion: Blackpool(40%) – Skippo(60%)

The match ended 3-0 in favour of Skippo FC, the highest winners of the day!


The third and final fixture of the day was the one between Blazers and Stampede. This was a very difficult match as both teams played a very physical game. There were a lot of hard tackles but the referee was lenient in his decision.

Stampede FC’s forward, Bosun was a revelation in this match. He made very good impressions in the blazers’ half and was very problematic for the Blazers defence. But despite their daring advances, Stampede FC lost a clear chance to claim the lead in the 18th minute and the first half ended goaless.

The scuffle resumed in the second half as the ball keeps moving from one end of the pitch to the other as both teams seek to break the deadlock. Blazers were decisive on the ball and as a result, commanded the motion of play but they lacked the finish.

Bosun’s screamer was what made the difference and puts stampede in front in the second half. Blazers fought back but they couldn’t penetrate the rearguard of stampede’s defence, thus pushing the pressure back to their own defence line as they tend to play deep in Stampede’s half in their search for an equalizer.

Stampede’s midfielder, Sylvester was booked for a red card owing to a dangerous tackle in the 26th minute.


  • Shots (on goal): Blazers(3) – Stampede(4)
  • Attempts: Blazers(6) – Stampede (8)
  • Cornerkicks: Blazers (0) – Stampede (1)
  • Fouls: Blazers(2) – Stampede(2)
  • Cards: Stampede( 1 yellow, 1 red)
  • Possession: Blazers (42%) – Stampede(58%)

The match ended 1-0 in favour of Stampede FC. The ABH league returns this Saturday.

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