In the darkest moments,
And in the deep tunnels,
With not even a tinge of light,
My man talked to me
In words I always loved to hear.

On cloudy days,
With my thoughts in disarray,
And all things appear blurry,
He told me,
“I see you”

On days I don’t know who I am,
Losing myself in wanton misery,
Wandering in my depression,
He whispered,
“I see you”

And on days I look in the mirror,
Not recognising who I see,
This is not me!
He still reassured me,
“Babe, I see you”

Times I’m made to look a doll;
Draped in ridiculous outfits
All for show in front of a camera,
I heard him say,
“I see you, princess”

Even in the limelight,
With the lights flashing,
Amidst multitudes of voices,
He called out to me,
“I see you”

But where is he
Now that I long for him,
Now that I hunger for those words?
To hear him say, in his ever soothing voice,
“I see you”

In the twinkling of an eye, he’s gone.
In another woman’s bosom,
Probably telling her those same words.
The words I now detest,
I see you.

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