“I am not a new bird to leadership in ABH” – FOLAJOMI ISA, Aspirant for the Office of Hall Chairman


In making Brownites know their candidates better and make the right choice come Saturday, Joseph Edun of ABH Press had an exclusive interview with the two aspirants vying for the post of the chairman of Alexander Brown Hall. Here are excerpts with Mr Folajomi Isa.

ABH Press : Can you introduce yourself to Brownites?

Folajimi : My name is Isa Folajomi, a 500 level medical student. I am passionate about service and leadership.

ABH Press : Did you just become passionate about leadership now seeing that you are a new entrant into politics in ABH?

Folajomi : In terms of politics, new entrants is a word I won’t use for myself because I’ve been a member of the hall assembly where l participated actively for the past one year being. I’m a member of three committees. However, this is the first executive position l will be contesting for.

ABH Press : Coming out now to contest for the first time Mr Isa, what prompted you to go straight for the post of hall chairman?

Folajomi : Well, I believe that first I have garnered enough leadership experience. I believe personally being the hall chairman is more of your ability to lead a team and over time in various capacities which I have led, I have by the grace of God developed this capacity and ability to lead a team and that is why I believe I can lead the ABH executive.

ABH Press: Can you give us examples of such leadership positions especially those of on new related more to ABH?

Folajomi : First, let me start off on these note, to be able to lead a team, you must also have been a member of an effective team. As I said I’m a member of the the hall assembly which you can call the legislative team. I’m a member of the disciplinary and audit committee, ABH Venture bye-law review committee, a member of the standing committee in the office of the Health ministry where I participated actively in the organisation of the ABH in-reach. Also, I was a member of the Community Health Awareness Programme for the 60th anniversary. Those are ways in which I have served ABH in teams.

ABH Press : Can you tell us Mr Isa, what are those things you want to offer Brownites??

Folajomi : I’m running on a 5-point agenda which I call the MUSST agenda. They are things which I believe we can do, we will do and we must do because I believe it is our duty to leave ABH better than we met it and to transcend limits. For me transcending limits is not just a slogan, it is about mindset. I believe the first limit we need to transcend is the limits which we have set in our minds. The limit of satisfaction with the status quo. M stands for maintenance which has to deal with physical infrastructure of ABH, U stands for Unity, united we stand, divided we fall. S is for security, second S for stability that is financial stability for our great hall and individual stability for Brownites especially in relation to accommodation. The last letter T stands for Transparency. I urge all Brownites to come for the manifesto where all the innovative ideas under these sub themes will be expounded. And I hope we will be transcending limits this year together.

ABH Press : At this present moment Mr Isa, what do you think and observe is the most pressing need of Brownites?

Folajomi : I will say it depends on where you are living in ABH. For instance, those in G block will tell you there major concern is renovation of G block, somebody in B block won’t tell you that. It depends on where you live, interest…

ABH Press : In general, what do you think Alexander Brown Hall needs now?

Folajomi : First is unity which can only come through inspiring and action-oriented leadership.

ABH Press : Unity in terms of what?

Folajomi : Unity in terms of how Brownites relate with ABH as an entity. One major complain which has been resounding in my ears over the recent administration and became very prominent in the outgoing administration is the apathy of Brownites towards anything that has to do with Alexander Brown Hall. If there is unity, there won’t be apathy and we all will all be involved.

ABH Press : In one statement, can you tell us why Brownites should vote for you Mr Isa as their chairman

Folajomi : Brownites should vote for me because I’m offering something different; I’m not offering just experience but leadership experience with the knowledge I’ve gained about leadership both from observation and study.

ABH Press : Seeing that you have not held any executive position in the hall, how do you want to bridge that gap of “just learning the ropes” if elected?

Folajomi : I’m not a new bird to leadership in ABH. As I’ve said, I’m a member of the hall assembly where I’ve seen and observed the current executive lead and the hall assembly is very much involved in leadership in ABH. Yes, we may not be the most popular set of people but the hall assembly is very critical to leadership and functioning of any administration in ABH so I do no need to be part of the executive to know how to go about some things.

ABH Press : Mr Isa, how will you rate the performance of the tenure that just rounded off?

Folajomi : I believe they have put in their best according to their ability. I’m always very careful not to judge people based on my own personal standard because everybody has different capabilities. Albert Einstein said if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will be a failure all its life. I believe they have done their best and I give kudos to them for that.

ABH Press :How did you see the last hall week??

Folajomi : For me the hall week was erm okay. It was a 60th anniversary and as with all Brownites, I expected more but also as a person who is involved I understand that circumstances did not allow us to have the grand hall week we would have wanted to have. The circumstances of timing and many others.

ABH Press : Finally, what do you have to say to ABH Press?

Folajomi : I believe ABH Press has been doing a great job so far and I hope that if I win the election we will be able to work together to build a a great hall that we will all be proud off when we leave this place.

ABH Press : Thank you so much Mr Folajomi Isa for your time.

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