Mr Onuigbo Chukwuagoziem came into office in August through a by-election held by the Hall Assembly. Apart from his constitutional duties, he made some promises to Brownites in his manifesto. Notable amongst these are the “ABH Explore the Home Front Programme” – a programme to educate Brownites on the opportunities still available in the country, and the ‘”ABH Mini Library”, which aimed to create a mini library in the ABH reading room. ABH Press interviewed him to inquire about his progress with these plans.

ABH Press: How has your tenure been so far?

Mr Onuigbo: Well, so far, we have been able to provide MB power supply for the 2k18 Dentistry class. The class raised money and members of the Academic Committee provided fuel and a generator at Famewo Common Room so that they could charge their devices. We also released the secretariat for members of the class that needed to study. Also, the Academic Committee drafted new rules to guide the use of the reading room. These rules are pasted on the wall adjacent to the door leading out of the reading room. We also appointed a Brownite who frequents the facility (and a member of the Academic Committee) to oversee the use of the reading room. As for courtesy visits, the office of the Hall Secretary has been able to arrange a courtesy visit to the Chief Medical Director (CMD) and University College Hospital Management, Prof Aimakhu and Prof Shittu. We are hoping to have a Hall Week event named after the CMD. We also spurred the first Hall Management Meeting of the session, where we met with our Hall Master, Hall Wardens, Hall supervisors and security officials. We hope to meet with the Provost of the College of Medicine, as well as other stakeholders within and outside the College community. These I have been able to do, in line with my manifesto.

ABH Press: What other plans do you have for Brownites as the head of the Academic Committee?

Mr Onuigbo: Right now, it is to keep the MB power program running to the best of my ability, and to arrange an elaborate quiz competition.

ABH Press: Have you taken any actions towards creating the ABH Mini Library?

Mr Onuigbo: We had a campaign to collect books in August, and since then we have received over 30 books for the ABH Mini library. We are still receiving donations and we hope to leave a robust array of books, including medical books and materials, books on basic sciences and mathematics, as well as motivational works on the shelf before the end of the tenure.

ABH Press: You promised to organise an ‘ABH explore the Home Front Programme’ in your manifesto. What are the plans in place towards achieving it?

Mr Onuigbo: The program is to be had in the near future. My office intends to collaborate with that of the Hall Chairperson to do this and we are currently putting together a committee.

ABH Press: What are you doing as regards publicity of your activities and getting feedback from Brownites?

Mr Onuigbo: I have not undertaken any programs that require elaborate publicity. However, as regards feedback, I get feedback from the people who frequent the reading room and secretariat.

ABH Press: Have you faced any major challenges since your tenure began?

Mr Onuigbo: Yes, I have. A paucity of funds and theft in the reading room. The latter has been a major concern to me. Hence, the Academic Committee and I are hoping to secure sponsorship to install security measures in the facility.

ABH Press: As regards theft, what are the temporary measures being put in place to deter it?

Mr Onuigbo: As part of the rules guiding the use of the facility, we are prohibiting non-Brownites from using the facility. In addition to this, we have a Brownite who is a regular user of the facility to oversee the place.

ABH Press: What are your plans for the remainder of your tenure?

Mr Onuigbo: Organising the ‘Explore the Home Front Program ’ and facing the Hall Week squarely. My office is in charge of the Symposium as well as the Quiz so my hands are full.

ABH Pres: Thank you for your time.

Mr Onuigbo: Thank you for having me.

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