ABH DECIDES 2024: Exclusive Interview with Female Affairs Ministry Aspirant, Osaretin Vanessa Ehiorobo.


With the atmosphere in ABH looming with the campaign season-induced tension, it is important for brownites to hear directly from the aspirants and have some of their possible questions answered. The ABH press had an exclusive interview with Ms. Vanessa Ehiorobo Osaretin, the aspirant for the Female Affairs Ministry and here’s what she had to say.

Good evening, I’m Zainab. Can you introduce yourself please?

I’m Osaretin Vanessa Ehiorobo, an aspirant for the office of the Female Affairs Ministry, Alexander Brown Hall. I’m a member of the 2k23 class.

Nice to meet you Vanessa. Can you tell more about you? What are your hobbies/interests?

I like listening to music and making art. I’m also into graphic design.

Alright. Is this your first political stint?

Yes, it is.

What organisations have you been involved with, either as a member or in a leadership role?

I’ve worked with FAMSA as a member and I’ve been a Local Officer for the FAMSA SCOPUB.I’m currently a member of the FAMSA Headquarters’ Board. I’ve also been active in my class’s Social Affairs Committee and I’m currently in charge of its graphics. I was also the past Head of the News Desk and Financial Secretary for the UIMSA Press in the about to be concluded tenure.

Did you have to leave the Press for this election?

Yes, I did.

What committees have you worked with in the ABH sphere?

I was involved in the ABH Community Health Awareness Programme in the just concluded hall week. I was also a member of the ABH Publicity team and the ABH Hall Week Awards Committee.

Have you ever served in the Female Affairs Ministry?

No, I haven’t, but I have worked with it.

How so?

I was involved with the organisation and content creation for the Ladies’ Night that was conducted during this tenure. I’ve also worked under the current Female Affairs Minister in the ABH Hall Week Committee.

Why the Female Affairs Ministry? Why are you interested in it?

I’m interested in the running of the Hall and I believe that my experience and creativity would be most beneficial in the Female Affairs Ministry. Although I believe that I’d do well in any position, I’d make the most impact in the Female Affairs Ministry. I’ve also been very vigilant during this present tenure and I’ve identified areas that could be built upon, areas I could help build upon.

What are these areas?

One of the identified areas is politics. I believe that I could help encourage Female Brownites to be more interested in taking political interests and this could help abate apathy. Another area is sports. I play basketball and I’m aware of the difficulty in organising females to participate in it. Other areas include entrepreneurship, skills training, empowerment and health education.

You’ve talked about Female Brownites’ relative apathy towards sports and politics. It’s a well known fact.What exactly do you plan to do to solve it?

The major issues are the mindset and motivation, and I intend to work on these. I can’t speak exclusively on my plans now however, until the Manifesto Night.

Reviewing this present tenure, what do you think are the things that could have been done better?

Personally, I really like the present Female Affairs Minister’s charisma. I think she did a good job with her plans taking the Ladies Night and the ABH League as prime examples. She also addresses complaints really well and gets the job done. I’m of the opinion that some of the activities could have been more extensive and there could have been recurrent episodes using the Ladies’ Night as an example.

What innovative plans do you have concerning the ABH Biz Expo?

I intend to make it more inclusive, not just for entrepreneurs. I also intend to conduct a yard sale as there are a lot of redundant items around the hall. There could also be contests organised to make it more interactive.

What are the peculiarities of a female Brownite using yourself as prime example?

I believe that females have peculiar needs; sanitation and hygiene especially, as they have greater risk of infections. Abuse is another aspect – all forms including verbal abuse and cyber bullying. Those are the things that come to mind now.

Can you tell me what the duties of a Female Affairs Minister are?

Constitutional duties include ensuring the welfare of female Brownites and ensuring the maintenance of Hall properties in the female blocks. There’s also the aspect of hygiene and sanitation.

If a female Brownite comes to you and complains that she got abused during one of the Social events in the hall, what would you do as a Female Affairs Minister?

First of all, I’d get a detailed recount of the events from the female Brownite and the accused. I’d also do some investigations regarding this and reach out to other Executives – the Defense Minister in particular. This is to ensure that the accused is reprimanded as appropriate if found guilty of the offence.

Last question. Why should brownites vote for you?

Brownites should vote for someone willing, capable and innovative enough to bring new things to the Ministry. I believe with the skillset and experience that I’ve gained from working in other capacities, I can bring something something new to the Ministry and still keep it running. People that I’ve worked with in the past can also attest to my efficency and capabilities and that makes me confident that I can take up the responsibilities and handle the work.

Alright. That will be all. Thank you for your time!

Thank you for having me.

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