Exclusive interview with Ozoeze Ugo Nwando, Deputy Hall Chair aspirant – “With my experience and training, I think I have an edge over my opponents”


ABH Press caught up with Ozoeze Ugo Nwando, a deputy hall chair aspirant in the upcoming ABH elections. Although away and engrossed by a busy clinical posting, she still made out time to honour the press with an online exclusive interview.

I: Good evening

OUN: Good evening

I: Can you introduce yourself?

OUN: I am Ozoeze Ugo Nwando, a 500 level physiotherapy student. I am vying for the post of deputy hall chair, Alexander Brown Hall.

I: Can you tell us more about yourself?

OUN: I am a nice, easy going person that is very dedicated and committed to a particular cause – making the world a better place.

I: What inspired your decision to run for the post?

OUN: Basically for me, I believe strongly in giving back to whatever or whoever has impacted your life; and in my case, ABH has shaped who I am becoming, from the friends I have made, those I’ll still make, to the events carried out by the hall that has helped increase my body of knowledge and so many other things. The reality is that, it is not enough to sit back and commend or criticise those in power, at times it is all about contributing your own quota to the society. I decided to run, simply because I want to give back to the hall and contribute my own quota to moving the hall forward.

I: What edge do you have over your opponents in the upcoming election?

OUN: Firstly, I have experience – I was the vice president of the Association of Physiotherapy Students for the 2017/2018 session; Distribution manager of Physioray Editorial Board 2017/2018; I have also headed committees and sub-committees such as the Welfare committee of the Emeritus Professor O. O. Akinkugbe Guest Lecture. Secondly, I have the training required to handle a leadership position. I have attended trainings and taken courses that have increased my knowledge, the most important is the badge I received from the Commonwealth Leadership program tagged: Open source leadership. With my experience and training, I think I have an edge over my opponents.

I: Can you recall any difficult situation you found yourself in whilst holding a post? How were you able to overcome it?

OUN: Yes I can, but I cannot go into details. One major thing I learnt out of all the hurdles I faced was that communication and patience is key. I had to learn how to effectively communicate and be patient to get things done. The hurdles I faced helped me understand how to interact with people a lot better and how to ensure that what needs to be done is done.

I: Do you feel that this tenure has had its shortcomings? How do you plan on fixing them if elected?

OUN: It is very easy to point out errors especially when one is on the outside. This tenure has done everything to the best of its abilities. The goal of every leader is to supersede his or her predecessor and I hope to do just that.

I: Hypothetically, if you were to organize the hall week in the midst of scarcity of funds, how would you go about it?

OUN: We the executives would have had a budget way ahead of time and have begun sourcing for funds both from corporate organizations and individuals way before hand; and by at least a week to the hall week, we should have had at least 80% of needed funds. However, in the event of a scarcity, I would have to raise funds by: Internally generated revenue which could be in form of committee dues or for certain programmes of the hall week, selling out stands for people to showcase their goods; We’ll use the funds on ground wisely, cutting out some things and substitute items whilst ensuring that quality doesn’t reduce; we will keep sourcing for funds.

I: There seems to be a paucity of accommodation for female brownites. How do you plan on fixing this problem?

OUN: Yes, I am aware that females in ABH have a smaller quota of bed spaces now but the hall warden decides the ratio. So as the deputy hall chair I would work with other executives to see if anything can be done about it. I’ll find out the plans the hall management has and also communicate it to brownites. I understand the difficulty of accommodation and wish I could proffer an immediate solution.

I: The ABH fit committee hasn’t been so active recently. How do you plan on rejuvenating it?

OUN: (smiles) I also have plans about this but you’d have to wait till the manifesto before hearing them.

I: What three wishes do you have for the hall?

OUN: Constant electricity, Renovated blocks, Better security (no theft)

I: What is the most interesting thing about you that we can’t readily find on your resume?

OUN: I am an extremely selfless and nice person. I tend to think of others before I think of myself.

I: Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

OUN: I am a gatherer. Interpreting the words literally, I am definitely a gatherer.

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