Femi Falana SAN once asked how the government could be hoarding “indomeen”. This was more than a comic quote of a disgruntled man. It was a call to consciousness and a reminder of how much people can be inconsiderate. If you claim you never knew Indomie is a luxury dish, it was also a reminder.

So, when we resumed and a certain food vendor started selling noodles at outrageous prices, why did it shock you? You definitely have not been paying attention. Perhaps, you expected a better price since prices should be regulated in the Alexander Brown Hall. But then, I say Indomie is not a necessity of life, and a business outfit should be allowed to fix their prices as they seem fit.

In fact, people should live within their means. Maybe it is not expensive. Perhaps it is you that is broke. If it is Fanawole Fufu and a touch of sim card-sized meat you can afford, go with it. In fact, we have reported that rice will now be cheaper at Prestige and Fanawole, so they remain viable options.

Hmm! As hard as I try to create excuses for this hike, I cannot make enough sense of it. Even worse, there has been a lot of complaints about the quality of the food.

Apparently, Indomie is not the only luxury food item in the Hall at the moment – toast bread too. It appears the eggs used for their toasts are delivered via caesarean section. And the pulpy orange for 600 Naira? When it is not Quilox!

In this week’s publication, we conducted a Vox Populi on the hike of items in the Hall, case in point, Spicy Bites. This is in consideration of the role of the Social and Buttery Minister as the price regulator for vendors and service providers within the Hall – and explains why we also interviewed the Minister. Read up other exciting stories in our publications this week.

That said, if you see anyone eating Indomie or toast from that place, bill them or ask them to cut soap for you.

  1. Chioma says

    ?? SIM card sized meat

  2. Prinny says

    We will bill all the billables and snatch soap from anyone we catch. For some of us fanawole is our only hope ??????

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