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Since the Alexander Brown Hall gates were opened, Brownites have been griping over the expected but excessive surge in the prices of food items from the well-known Spicy Bites Ventures. During the just-ended week, the ABH Press caught up with some Brownites. The plan was to get their opinions about the hike in the prices of food items, as perceived by some. We also asked if they thought there should be enforcement of price regulations. Here are the comments of some Brownites.

1. I think the price of items should be permanently pasted there. It seems they just call any price for people sometimes. The vendor shouldn’t be allowed autonomy. The vendor and Hall should come to a decision.

— Victor, MBBS 2K17.

2. Ohh.. Well, I’ve not gotten food from there since we resumed. I feel it’s too pricey for the services (since there are alternatives for the services they offer).

3. It is super ridiculous. I usually just buy toast bread with 2 eggs precovid for 300 naira. Now, it’s 500 naira. And she hikes the prices of drinks. Yeah, she needs be regulated.

—- Anonymous.

4. The truth is, I understand that prices of things have gone up drastically. But I still feel that some of their prices can be negotiated to the barest minimum they can be comfortable with and it can be accepted by Brownites. The truth is, there’s no point making something over expensive when they have a good crowd in ABH. They will surely get the customers if their prices are right. For me, I do feel like some of their things are over-priced. We can bring down some of them. But I feel like their shawarma is okay. But they can still renegotiate some things. Steps are needed.

— Anonymous

5. First of all, the establishment has brought access to many ‘out-of-the-box’ meals, howbeit at Dracunian costs. The cost of food is outrageous and can even be more outrageous when demand trumps supply.

The owners prowl for naïve customers like a hungry phone snatcher on an Ibadan expressway, actively looking for who will fall prey.
Drinks are sold at double the retail price as if the ‘H’ in ABH stands for Hotel; one that is 5-star rated at that.

They run a dangerously unregulated business model that is not undergraduate-friendly. We are indulging criminality disguised under the cloak of capitalism if their excesses are not checked.

They should be regulated and monitored. A list of prices for every meal and drink sold should be drafted, and their compliance with these prices should be monitored. Failure to comply on multiple occasions should attract sanctions

— Daniel Animashaun.

What’s your opinion about it? Kindly drop it in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Prinny says

    For those that don’t go there….we thank God for our pockets.
    Na only gun remain for these food sellers in abh

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