News around town in ABH is that there has been another slash in food prices in the cafeteria, this is barely two weeks after effecting the previously updated price list. The ABHPress decided to have a chat with Mr Atoyebi, ABH’s Social and buttery minister, to hear directly from the horse’s mouth.
We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed chatting with him.

ABHPress; Good day Mr Atoyebi, kindly introduce yourself.
Mr Atoyebi; I am Atoyebi Victor Adeyemi. A 500l Medical laboratory Science Student, University of Ibadan. I am diligent, loyal and reliable. I am also a visionary person who loves trying new things and ideas.

ABHPress; What would you say you are particularly known for now?
Mr Atoyebi; I am a social person who enjoys partying. I’m also a die-hard Chelsea football club fan and I am unapologetic about it. We are champions of Europe by the way.

ABHPress; What inspired you to run for the position of ABH’s social and buttery minister as opposed to other positions?
Mr Atoyebi; As I said earlier, I am a social person and I also visit the television room often. Knowing that there’s someone who could be in charge of the setup and running of the activities in the television room, I then decided to opt for the position of the social and buttery Minister of this great hall. I was also a member of both the price and quality control committee and the television room committee of the last tenure, so basically, I wanted to serve and honour this great hall.

ABHPress; News around is that the prices of food have been slashed again to #50 per spoon. The ABH cafeteria has been known for its gold standards, do you think we would be trading quantity and quality for this cheaper rate? If not, what measures have been put in place to ensure this?
Mr Atoyebi; Yes, the spoon of rice now goes for #50 per spoon, a piece of meat/fish now goes for #50 too. No, we definitely won’t be trading any. My committee members and I are going to step in here. There would be weekly assessments and check-mates of the activities in the cafeteria. We also spoke to them before the price change and they assured us that none, be it quality or quantity would be traded.

ABHPress; Based on the general hike in prices of foodstuff, do you think the recent decrease is fair or we should have stuck with the former rates?
Mr Atoyebi; I am happy, I feel it’s a good one. With the previous price, I spend all my allowance on food alone and then there’s sapa, but now I think I’d still be able to do other things which I couldn’t do with my allowance and still buy food properly with the new prices in place. So yeah, it’s a good price.
I think the recent decrease is fair and it tallies with the prices in most Restaurants in the University of Ibadan.

ABHPress; What are your core values?
Mr Atoyebi; I would say Integrity, loyalty and good humour.

ABHPress; Also, Brownites would like to know, should we expect the pre-covid eat-in arrangement in the cafeteria any time soon?
Mr Atoyebi; Yeah, the COVID-19 protocol team of the college has a plan in place to ensure all students are vaccinated on or before September. So I think our pre-covid eat-in arrangement in the cafeteria should return after this time.

ABHPess; Having all students vaccinated is a pretty good one, but as you know. Abh, especially the cafeteria is open to more than just Brownites, what’s the plan for those coming from outside? Or will eat-in be restricted to just brownites?
Mr Atoyebi; Yes, It would be restricted to brownites. Just as the hall is still restricted to brownites for now.

ABHPress; Recent covid measures in the hall have been student-centred, are there any precautionary measures the cafeteria staff also adhere to?
Mr Atoyebi; Student-centered? I don’t think so. The hall management constructed wash hand basins and soaps at strategic places in the hall. Anyone coming into the hall from the gate would have to wash their hands properly with soap and water. Also, the use of face masks is to be enforced by the porters of the hall for everyone coming into the hall. So the cafeteria staff is to observe these COVID-19 protocols as well.

ABHPress; Are the ladies free to shoot shots or you are off the market?
Mr Atoyebi; Omo, feel free to shoot your shots o.

ABHPress; Are you aware of the outrageous prices of food and drinks at Spicy bites? And why has this been allowed to stand?

Mr Atoyebi; I am aware of the price increase of food in the aforementioned shop but I am not aware of the increase in the price of drinks. I reached out to him inquiring about the outrageous price, he complained about the Price of commodities and the increase in the price of the necessary ingredients required to prepare his meals. However, he promised to do something about it. As I am being told again, I would reach out to him about it again.

Besides, we should allow competition to thrive, one sells lower for a reason. Also, Greatest Brownites, please patronize our ABH venture when we become fully operational. You will get the best prices of commodities in ABH trust me.

ABHPress; Are there actual measures in place to regulate prices in spicy bites or it’s just limited to Prestige and Fanawole? Kindly share.

Mr Atoyebi; No, price regulation is not only limited to the restaurants alone. There are plans in place to regulate the prices of commodities in Alexander brown hall in general. That’s why there’s a Price and quality control committee under the office of the social and buttery Minister. My committee members and I are assuring you that there would be proper monitoring and regulation of the price of commodities in our great hall.

ABHPress; What should Brownites expect from the office of the social and buttery minister this tenure?
Mr Atoyebi; Brownites should expect more interaction and synergy among brownites and more social activities.

ABHPress; To be clear, you are saying that brownies should expect more social activities than the previous tenure within the shorter time frame? Note that the first semester is almost gone and we have only a semester left.
Mr Atoyebi; Yes, more social activities. I like parties a lot. We still have the hall week, during the hall week we would invent new social activities too.

ABHPress; Are there challenges you foresee, especially with the peculiarities of this tenure, and how do you plan to overcome them?
Mr Atoyebi; Funds maybe. We will overcome this by working together with cooperate bodies and alumni to raise funds and sponsor some of our events.

ABHPress; What are your top 3 leisure activities?
Mr Atoyebi; Playing video games, gisting and laughing with friends and also talking about sports.

ABHPress; On behalf of the freshers in ABH, we’d love to know, Anything in sight for the freshers?
Mr Atoyebi; Yes, there would be a fresher hangout/party in September

ABHPress; A release from the previously held senate meeting stated that the freshers welcome had been scrapped due to imbalances in the proposed income and expenditure. To be clear, you are saying that regardless of that, the freshers welcome will hold? If yes, how do you plan to pull this off?
Mr Atoyebi; Yes, it will hold. The budget of the social and Buttery Ministry for the tenure has not been approved. We are hoping to re-present our budget for the freshers welcome with slashed expenses to the humble legislative house. So yes, I think with their goodwill our budget for it this time would be considered.

ABHPress; Are there specific shortcomings from the previous year you plan to fix? If yes, please elaborate on them.
Mr Atoyebi; No, maybe the lack of a hall week which was due to COVID-19. We hope to hold the hall week this tenure.

ABHPress; In your time in school, What has been the highlight for you?
Mr Atoyebi; My highlight would probably be the day I finally graduate from this school really, you know how it is here now???

ABHPress; What has been your most challenging moment/situation so far in school?
Mr Atoyebi; I have not had any.

ABHPress; Kindly share your most embarrassing moment.
Mr Atoyebi; Playing football and I was dribbled on the pitch badly or something. I fell actually.

ABHPress; Leave brownites with a few words.
Mr Atoyebi; Greatest Brownites, thank you for the opportunity to serve you. I will not let you down. Lots of love.

ABHPress; Thank you for your time, Mr Atoyebi.

Mr Atoyebi; Thank you too.

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