#Fitfam: Iron Therapy


IRON THERAPY and no Mister, it has nothing to do with nutrient supplementation but of a truth it is supplementation of a kind, just not the type I wager you have been exposed to. So what comes to mind when you hear Iron, we have established it is not the nutrient , and if you’re already thinking member of the periodic table, would you please excuse us Mr. Nerd(I really don’t mean that, or do I?)

Iron is a slang expression popular amongst weightlifters, (I can already feel the arrogant thought cram through your head: so this is where you are going with this?). Please evict that chip from your shoulder sir, and linger a little. I promise you it’s a perspective you have probably never viewed weight lifting from. This piece has little to do with fitness, and yes there are very many health benefits to garner from lifting weights and exercise generally, but what I speak of is something much more sublime. It’s the therapeutic effect of iron. It is kind of a misnomer, how that putting yourself through sheer physical exertion can be therapeutic but it is, I promise you. One thing I’ve found since the four years I have been doing this for is, there is a mindset associated with a long term commitment to the art of Iron Therapy.

I mean it is humbling for me how straightforward it is. It’s either you can move that 250 pounds or you break your sternum, there really is no cheating when a stacked 440 pound barbell stares at you waiting to be deadlifted, you either can move it or you cannot, there is no in between, the simplicity of it excites me. Plus there is the amazing adrenaline rush when you break a PR (personal record), it’s like you are angry, happy and screaming all at the same time. It is a beautiful catastrophe. Also, there’s the humbling experience when you fail a set, nothing my friend builds character better. But more importantly, than all of this transient experiences is something I call mental transcendence.

It requires a lot of mental preparation to move heavy weight. Also, a consistent commitment to staying through with your routine has a subtle way of seeping into other aspects of your life. I find that dancing with the iron has helped me in other areas. I have become much more confident and assertive , plus it reminds me that if I can crush my goals at the IRON ROOM I can, if given the right push, crush my goals at life.
In conclusion, weightligting is something I am passionate about, but much more than how it makes me look, I am enthralled by the mindset it gives. So I trust you’ve been well geared to finding therapy.

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