Self care, in simple terms, means taking care of one’s well being. This can either be physically, emotionally, mentally, socially or spiritually. It refers to the preservation, protection and improvement of one’s mind and health. Self care can be in form of exercising, swimming, reading a book, yoga, taking a walk, following a skin care routine or as simple as taking a bath. All these help to improve happiness and relieve stress. Listening to music is a form of self care that is often not regarded as one. It is believed that self care and music therapy go hand-in-hand. It helps with relaxation of the mind and increases self awareness and mindfulness. The role of music as a form of self care cannot be overemphasized.

To improve your self care using music, ABH Press has helped to create what I’d like to call a self-care playlist. We understand how school has been stressful for everyone and have put you in our thoughts while curating this playlist. Feel the feels this week consists of 10 beautiful songs that we hope will help you relax and hopefully, increase your wellness too. The link to this playlist is below:

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