It was a rather beautiful weekend as ABHPress met with Miss Oluyole, the current deputy chairman of the Alexander Brown Hall. She was happy to shed more light on her plans for this tenure and a little about her personal life.
We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed interviewing her.

ABHPress: Can you please introduce yourself?
Miss Oluyole: My name is Anjolaoluwa Oluyole.
A 600level student of the department of medicine and surgery, University of Ibadan. I am the Deputy Hall Chairman of ABH.

ABHPress: What are your core values?
Miss Oluyole: Love, Optimism and Happiness.

ABHPress: Why did you run for the position of ABH deputy chairman?
Miss Oluyole: I wanted to serve and I also believe in growth. So I knew that it couldn’t be the information ministry (a second time). I love interacting with people, so I chose this position.

ABHPress: Prior to being the Abh deputy chairman, have you been involved in any other form of student politics? If yes, please share them with us.
Miss Oluyole: Yes, I was the Acting Information Minister for the previous tenure.

ABHPress: What are your top 3 leisure activities?                                                       Miss Oluyole: Listening to music, watching movies and thinking about life

ABHPress: What’s your take on the participation of women in politics? Using ABH and ComUi as a case study.
Miss Oluyole: I would say that women’s participation in politics has increased over the years.

ABHPress: What do you ascribe the increase you stated earlier to? And would you say the level of participation now is okay or it can be improved upon?
Miss Oluyole: The participation of women in politics has inspired and encouraged other women to do the same. Hence, the increase. And I am certain that this increased participation will continue.

ABHPress: What should Brownites expect from you this tenure?
Miss Oluyole: Fun and Financial literacy

ABHPress: kindly share more details about your plans. What do you mean by fun and financial literacy?
Miss Oluyole:
For fun, we will have several programs like a day with Brownites, ladies night, the ABH fit and activities of the Hall week.
For financial literacy, we will organize a financial seminar and the proposed plan is to invite Mr Abayomi Obabolujo (The Oracle), the CEO of stockswatch (stocksng.com) to enlighten Brownites about the Nigerian stocks exchange.
Also, we intend to invite Mr Mike Fowope, the managing director of Hantec Markets, to enlighten Brownites about the foreign exchange market.

ABHPress: Are there challenges you foresee, especially with the peculiarities of this tenure, and how do you plan to overcome them?
Miss Oluyole: None.

ABHPress: Do you believe you’d have emerged the deputy hall chair if you had ran opposed?
Miss Oluyole: Maybe, maybe not. But here we are, cheers.

ABHPress: What are you passionate about, asides from medicine/academics?
Miss Oluyole; Music and Finance

ABHPress: Are there specific shortcomings from the previous year you plan to fix? If yes, please elaborate on them.
Miss Oluyole: The major constraint last year was the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent break that affected the plans for the Hall week. Hopefully, this year we would be able to hold the hall week.

ABHPress: What has been your most challenging moment/situation so far in school?
Miss Oluyole: When I was seriously ill and I had to do clinical postings and also prepare for MB2

ABHPress: What’s your view on feminism?
Miss Oluyole; feminism means the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. To accept feminism is to embrace progress.

ABHPress: Leave brownites with a few words.
Miss Oluyole: Greatest Brownites!!! Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for voting for me.
Please, feel free to approach me. Your concerns, opinions and suggestions are welcomed and I look forward to them, thank you.

ABHPress: Thank you for your time, Miss Oluyole.
Miss Oluyole: Thank you for having me.

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