By Dorcas Adeyemo and Miracle Ayeni

ABH Cafeteria

Prestige and Fanawole are set to return to the Alexander Brown Hall cafeteria. Earlier today, Saturday, 19th June 2021, the leadership of Alexander Brown Hall and some stakeholders had a meeting with Prestige and Fanawole food vendors. Unlike the previous meeting, they were able to reach a consensus. However, this is still coming with a significant food hike compared to the pre-COVID era.

Brownites would recall the short break that became an unexpectedly long one owing to the coronavirus pandemic a

nd the strike action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities. Shortly after the vacation of students from the Alexander Brown Hall in March 2020, retail stores and restaurants also had to vacate the hall premises.

Following physical resumption, the opening and phased return of students to Alexander Brown Hall, arrangements are being made to bring back some retail stores and food vendors to the hall to ensure a comfortable stay for Brownites.

Here is the new price list agreed upon as gathered by our correspondent, Miracle Ayeni.

Disposable pack – 30 naira/pack

White Rice – 70 naira/spoon

Jollof/Fried Rice – 80 naira/spoon, 150 naira/2 spoons, 300 naira/4 spoons

Beans. – 100 naira/spoon (Dried/Porridge), 50 naira/half spoon

Amala – 100 naira/wrap (White/Brown)

Fufu/Semovita/Eba – 50 naira/wrap

Pounded Yam – 100 naira/wrap

Boiled egg.- 60 naira/piece

Fried plantain – 10 naira/piece

Meat – 100 naira/piece, 50 naira/piece (on availability)

Meat(with swallow) -100 naira/piece

Assorted meat – 100 naira/piece

Fried fish -100 naira/piece

Boiled fish – 200 naira/piece

MoinMoin – 100 naira/wrap

Ponmo – 100 naira/piece, 50 naira/piece

Salad – 100 naira/serving

Pure water – 10 naira/sachet

Bottle water – 80 naira/bottle

Prestige Food Canteen will return anytime from Monday, 21st June 2021 (corrected) while T&C (Fanawole) will return later.

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