Exclusive interview with Akinwumi Moyinoluwa, Deputy Hall Chair aspirant – “I have the capacity to bring people together”


ABH Press met up with Akinwumi Moyinoluwa, a deputy hall chair aspirant in the upcoming ABH elections. The amiable contestant was more than welcoming to the offer of interviewing her.

I: Good evening

AM: Good evening

I: Can we meet you?

AM: I am Akinwumi Moyinoluwa, a 500 level student of the department of Medicine and Surgery. I am an expressive person and I am always myself.

I: What inspired your desire to run for the position?

AM: I have always wanted to serve. I always work towards the happiness of the people around me. I have always wanted to contribute to the development and wellbeing of ABH, my zeal made me contest for floor representative, my floor members believed in me and I have always carried their interest at heart.
The passion to make ABH and the inhabitants better has made me come out to solicit for the support of brownites to help make ABH a better home for everyone to live in. I have many agenda, to further the good work of my predecessor if elected and create platforms to further unite brownites and make people’s stay in ABH for the next one year worth the while. I have lived among people, felt their pan and struggle, I have lived where faeces odour affected my block. I know what ABH needs. I am ready to give my best to alleviate the current misnomer in ABH.

I: What edge do you have over your opponents?

AM: I have served ABH in various ways. The ABH hall assembly, ABH ladies’ night committee, development committee. I have also worked with the current deputy hall chair in various committees – ABH fit, book club. I have the quality to lead. I have come to realise that I have the capacity to bring people together. I want to bring everyone together regardless of the department, culture and religion in a bid to work together for ABH.

I: Can you tell me any difficult situation you found yourself during your service and how you were able to overcome it?

AM: I have been in a lot of difficult situations but one I can remember right now happened a while ago. The soak away pit in front of F block was leaking and the pungent smell that emanated was disturbing the inhabitants of the F block; as the floor representative, I informed the hall management but nothing was done, this made me reach out the hall warden at the time, in a couple of days, it was fixed.

I: Have you noticed any shortcomings in this tenure? If yes, how do you plan on fixing them if you eventually get elected?

AM: The current administration has tried their best but we can always be better. Join me at the manifesto to hear my plans in details.

I: Hypothetically, if you were to organize the hall week in the midst of scarcity of funds, how would you go about it?

AM: We will source for funds, everyone will work. Once again, you have the chance of hearing my plans at the manifesto.

I: There seems to be a paucity of accommodation for female brownites. How do you plan on remedying this problem?

AM: I will work as a team with the other executives if elected, we will inform the appropriate authorities of our problems. There seems to be lots of free slots in the School of Nursing hostel.

I: Will you be willing to give part of the space in your single room and convince your colleagues to do the same in order to reduce the strain?

AM: The executive council is a team. We must come together to reason and help our people. If the team agrees; then why not? It will be a team decision

I: The ABH fit committee hasn’t been so active recently. How do you plan on rejuvenating it?

AM: I was in the ABH fit committee, Ms. Eniola Olajide really tried, she brought a live coach to train us and pushed people to participate but it didn’t quite work out. There’s a disconnect between the executives and the brownites, and even amongst the brownites in various departments. If brownites work together as a team, no office or committee will suffer. ABH fit is an agenda to involve every brownite in the affairs of ABH, ABH will be closer to the people, I am very approachable, jovial and hardworking. I will always create platforms to hear the view of brownites, involving everyone in the affairs. It will be the government of the brownites, for the brownites and by the brownites, we are going to ask questions, seek counsel on reason why they may or may not participate in the ABH fit, as well as provide and encourage the trainers. We the executives of the hall shall have meetings to deliberate with brownites in this tenure, appraise ourselves and seek counsel from these erudite, the best brains in the country on ways to make things better in the hall. To improve people’s participation and commitment.

I: Can you give me three wishes you have for the hall, if elected?

AM: To me ABH is Alexander Brown Home, a place of our abode. I wish ABH to become the best everyone wants it to be. I wish ABH works together in every aspect to bring the talents in us to nourishment. I wish ABH will be a home we are all proud of, in such a way that we create great, lasting memories in the mind of every brownite through the numerous plans we have for them, that in a few years time, memories of the coming tenure will linger in their mind.

I: What is the most interesting thing about you that we can’t readily find on your resume?

AM: I am multifaceted

I: Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

AM: Both actually. We gather to hunt. The first man was a hunter who hunted and brought animals home to rear and increase them in number. I love my hall, I love ABH.

I: Thank you very much. That’ll be all for now.

AM: Thank you.

I: Goodnight

AM: Goodnight

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