Playing volleyball is hard. Or isn’t it?



The makeshift, sand-filled court


Saturdays mornings the past few months have given me a lot of entertainment. As much as I would like to say I enjoy waking up to the sound of humans hitting the ball, the ball hitting humans, I can’t. Although I wouldn’t also be able to deny the smile that creeps on my face as reality finally dawns on me.

Oh, it’s Saturday. Yayy. (there’s much more enthusiasm in that statement than you used when you read it.)

More Brownites seem to have taken interest in the game that is volleyball. The basketball/volleyball court and its environ have therefore become a hub of activities on  Saturday mornings.

With the influx of more people came more entertainment. The game is usually in such a way that one can know the MEN from the boys. The men are the ones playing on THE COURT, while the boys are seen bouncing and hitting the ball on the makeshift, sand-filled court. The better you are, the higher the chance of you playing with the men on the court. What a privilege!

Follow me as I journey the different types of “players” found on the court.

  1. The experts/the consultants: From their name implies, these guys have been playing since like forever, they are the ones the newbies look up to. They know the game and they own the court. They are the ones to pick those who get to play on the court.
  2. The intermediate players/the registrars: These guys seem to be getting the hang of the game. Although they just started, they have potential and even the experts know it. They are the ones being invited for games on the court.
  3. The newbies/the medical students: This set of guys  just showed interest and you can see it with the way they hit the ball—not with as much force and confidence as the experts do. They look up in awe and seem to want to watch every opportunity they are given. They are clumsy and can’t seem to know where and where not to put their hands or feet.  This category of guys don’t even get a shot at playing on the court.
  4. The “unprogressives”: Now, these are the ones that entertain me. One minute they are on the court, the next, they are off. Or in the middle of a game they were privileged to participate in, they seem to always mess up every minute and are usually found bowing, smiling sheepishly, and saying “I’m sorry, sorry team”. This category’s place is with the boys. They have been in the game for a long time but do not seem to improve significantly. But for some reason, others think perhaps, by some good luck, they have.

So dear Brownites, if you think there is no fun in the hall, you are wrong, or better still, you’re not peeping out your window during volleyball practice.

Of course, this article is not to shame or discourage anyone from playing or picking up a skill or two but to encourage you to continue to provide entertainment for some of us— the lazy beings while honing your skills. Kudos to you all.

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