The buzz of the night filled my ears as my heels hit the hard floor with a clank as I took each step, walking down the busy road on the way to my business spot. It was usually crowded and noisy at this time of the night as the road was filled with people and vehicles passing by.

I was wearing a short black skirt; exposing quite a lot of skin, and a black leather jacket over a red tank top with a plunging neckline. I smacked my lips to feel my red lipstick which complimented my smoky eyeshadow and long lashes. To be honest, I was feeling quite satisfied with myself today.

I walked further down the road, ignoring the glances I was getting from people. I couldn’t care less what they thought about how I was dressed. I was only trying to live after all. I soon came in view of my destination, exchanging pleasantries with other ladies while some of them glared at me. They were lined up on the roadside in small groups, trying to catch the attention of any passing vehicle or men.

I soon got to my usual spot, some distance away from the other ladies. Their chattering was too unnerving and I hated it. I allowed my mind to drift back to the past as I stood, waiting for my client for the night.

I started this job about a year ago when my life was at its lowest. Everything I loved and cherished had been taken away from me. I was left with no choice because I had to survive and fend for myself.

This job saved me; from the pangs of hunger; from living on the streets; from being at other people’s mercies. It changed me into who I am now. My sense of guilt has been long lost as I now stand tall without shame or reproach.

I was brought back to the present when a familiar car pulled up beside me and wound down the glass. It was a regular. A smile spread across my face as I switched to business mode, hopping into the car beside the middle-aged man. “Good evening, baby girl”, he said to me as he drove off into the night.

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