ABH Hepatitis B Vaccination Drive: 306 get vaccinated


On Monday, 27th June 2022, the Famewo Common Room was filled to maximum capacity as Brownites waited their turns to get doses of the Hepatitis B Vaccine. The Alexander Brown Hall Executive Council organized a Hepatitis B Vaccination drive for Brownites. This drive was quite timely, considering the increased risk health professionals and medical students alike have of contracting the Hepatitis B Virus, especially in light of the increase in incidence rates of Chronic Liver Disease caused by Hepatitis B Viral Infection and its associated morbidity and mortality, as recent studies have shown.

According to the Health and Sanitation Minister, Mr Jesufemi Adeyeye, his team had a target of 250 to 300 people when the posters were first sent out. However, it appeared that this target would not be reached until the weekend before the drive when up to 100 new people registered, and about 60 people registered at the venue as well. In the end, a total of 306 persons got vaccinated.

When asked about the challenges the committee faced while organizing the event, Mr Adeyeye says, “I am grateful to Mr Segun from Emzor. He made it very easy. But of course, there were challenges on the day. For instance, the vaccines came late so there was a backlog of people who had to wait a while to get vaccinated.” However, he added that “In all, the turnout was great. It took time but we were able to vaccinate everyone who came.”

ABH Press reached out to some Brownites who got vaccinated to get their views on the drive:

“It was okay. I wish they had more hands on ground though. It would have been faster if at least three people were testing and three people were injecting at the same time. I am sure the manpower issue did not come from ABH but from the immunization guys. But all in all, it was great. I also hope that they organize another next month and in six months as well, so we complete the doses. I have taken the vaccine before but did not complete it and so I had to start all over. Thanks to the ABH Team for their good work.” – Miss Sylvia Aputazie

“It went well, almost turned into a social gathering of some sort. The turnout was massive (non-Brownites were in the mix), and the process was speedy – almost too fast. I think the publicity could have been better though. I did not get to know about it prior to the event. I only saw people at FCR, asked what was going on, paid, and got vaccinated. To capture all Brownites, more than Whatsapp BCs may be required.” – Mr Ifeanyi Nwabueze

Speaking on the second dose of the vaccine, Mr Adeyeye made an appeal to Brownites: “The next dose will be on the 25th of July, 2022. We implore all Brownites to pay and register early so we can properly cater to everyone.”

The ABH Press hopes that those who got the first dose would show up in their numbers again for subsequent doses and that Brownites at large would continue to avail themselves of such opportunities, should they arise in the future.

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  1. Adeola Godwin says

    Well done to the Health minister and his team??

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