Brownites have their Say on the ABH hall week


– Onyekachi Osondu & Irene Opara, ABH Press

The apparent diamond celebration of Alexander Brown Hall has finally come to an end. The 60th hall week should have been one to remember hence we took to the corridors of the hall to find out whether the expectations of brownites were met.

“It wasn’t as big or as grand as a 60th hall week celebration should be”, a Brownite opined
One thing was clear as we interacted with several brownites. Brownites were not satisfied with the hall week celebration with over half of those interviewed scoring the week a 5 or less out of 10.

A highly disgruntled brownite said “If not for the fact that I know people put effort into organizing the week, I would have given it a 1 but let me just score it a 5 cause honestly I am not happy”

Each interviewee had their own thoughts on the hall week but a common complaint that arose was that of poor publicity. Many deemed the publicity put forth in regards to the hall week as lack lustre and plain.

Others complained of the absence of sufficient publicity in regards to specific events such as the dinner, chap and ABH strongest man.

“There is no money for dinner and variety night. I can’t make a new dress, UIMSA and UADS have taken all my money”

Another common complaint was that of timing as the hall had just witnessed two major associations’ health week. Several brownites complained of lack of “funds” to enjoy the hall week.

Despite the complaints brownites however had nothing but glowing remarks for the newly introduced ABH strongest man. A particular brownite said “A new and exciting event…they wanted to kill those boys. I enjoyed every moment of it.” Another said “it was mad fun…Hope there is another edition next year. I am going to start training today”. The ABH strongest man was clearly the most exciting part of the week for most brownites.

“There weren’t a lot of people…We played games. We had fun. We made it fun for ourselves”. The brownites that did go to the dinner reported that even though the turn out wasn’t the best, they were able to eat their money’s worth and dance to their fill.
“The executives didn’t do enough. This was supposed to be a diamond celebration and it certainly did not feel like it”

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  1. Akinola Onaopemipo says

    Brownites don’t participate in being members of committees in the week, they play no role in its success yet will always have a negative remark.

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