ABH Press Conference ’19: “I Feel Safe In ABH Knowing You Are There As The Defence Minister”


It is no news that security in Alexander Brown Hall has been beefed up since the assumption of office of Mr Obinwanne Enemuo as the Defence Minister. He might not be a a cape but does a super job. This was well highlighted during the press conference of the Alexander Brown Hall.
“Thank you for a good job so far. I feel safe in ABH knowing you are there.” A pressman confided before asking about the expired fire extinguishers on many floors of the hall.
“Thank you… Thank you for feeling safe. People have become more proactive on their floors” the seemingly shy Defence Minister responded, quickly attributing the improved security within the hall to the consciousness and proactiveness of members of the Hall.
He further stated that the fire-fighting drill has not commenced due to a memo released by the Dean of Student Affairs about a similar drill being organized by the Students Affairs which thus put earlier plans made by the Defence Ministry for the drill on hold. is no money to acquire fire extinguishers to replace the expired ones.

However, the drill organized by the Student Affairs was deemed unfair to the members of Alexander Brown Hall who stay faraway from the main campus. This is because the drill was held on a weekday at the main campus when majority of Brownites will still be in school. This was communicated by the Hall Warden in an email to the Dean who had not reply at the time the Defence Minister was speaking with newsmen.

It was noted that quite a number of the extinguishers in the hall must have expired but the Defence Minister in his reply stated that there is no money to acquire new ones however, there are some which were refilled during the renovation of some blocks in the hall. This is coming in the wake of the impending harmattan season where fire accidents often happen. Last year, a fire incidence razed down the laundry shop behind G-Block in an utterly heart-rending incidence.
In conclusion, the Defense Minister said quite a number of renovations will be commencing in the coming months and fire extinguishers would possibly be provided for the blocks during the renovation as it was done on D-block.

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