Team Transcending Limits Off To A Flying Start As Info Minister Goofs At Press Conference


The Transcending Limits Team has received a lot of good reviews from pressmen and Brownites. This was even more evident at the Press Conference organised by the Alexander Brown Hall Press Organisation on Saturday, 12th of October, 2019 at the Famewo Common Room where adulation rolled in for the Executives, most especially the Female Affairs Minister
The Press Conference kicked off at about 6:27pm with Kene Okwunze as the host. Each executive council member was given about 2 minutes to give a report on their successes and challenges in their office before answering questions from pressmen and Brownites.
The smooth running, however, experienced some turbulence when the Information Minister, Mr. Samuel Olateju was required to respond to a question on why the names of Physiotherapy students writing their first semester examinations were not on the goodwill flyer released by the Hall Executives.
In his response, the minister stated that the examination was not a key examination. He, however, apologised on the oversight still stressing that it was not a professional examination.
His response definitely did not go down well with Mr. Olawale Richard, the 500 level Physiotherapy student who asked the question and definitely other physiotherapy students in the room.
“I consider it more insultive that the exams I just concluded is not regarded as a professional exam. My question is what is a professional exams and what is not? And I consider it insulting to all physio students in this hall and we deserve an apology.” A certainly displease Mr. Olawale fumed.

The Information Minister went on to apologise profusely stating that he did not meant to play down the exams.
The Hall Chairman before commencing his report similarly apologised profusely, stating that every member of the council totally forgot including the Female Affairs Minister who is a Physiotherapy student.
The press conference came to a close with a vote of thanks by the Editor-in-Chief of the Alexander Brown Hall Press Organisation who thanked the executives, pressmen and Brownites who turned up for the press conference. The conference came to a close at 9:22pm with the arguement on what a professional examination lingering at the end among Physiotherapy students and other Brownites.

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