“If I am elected, there is definitely going to be a change” – Oluwasijibomi Oyefabi


It is Election Season once again in the Alexander Brown Hall. Although this is perhaps one of the quietest election seasons the hall as seen, the elections are soon to arrive and Brownites must again decide. ABH Press decided to interview some of the aspirants vying for these positions so Brownites are brought up to speed on the electoral process.

Miss Oluwasijibomi Oyefabi

ABH Press interviewed Miss Oluwasijibomi Eniola Oyefabi, an aspirant for the position of Female Affairs Minister. Miss Oyefabi is a 400-level student of Physiotherapy who announced her candidacy for the office of the Female Affairs Minister. In the interview, Miss Oyefabi disclosed a little about herself to the Press alongside reasons why she would be a good fit for the office.

We will start off with introductions. As I mentioned already, I am Sunmi, a member of the ABH Press.

Hello, Sunmi. I am Oluwasijibomi Eniola Oyefabi, a 400-level student of Physiotherapy vying for the position of the Female Affairs Minister of Alexander Brown Hall. You can call me Bomi.

Nice to meet you, Miss Bomi. Is this your first foray into politics?

No, this is not. I am currently the Social Secretary of the Association of Physiotherapy Students (APS).

That’s lovely. What does it entail? 

I primarily deal with the non-academic part of the association, like organising activities such as the Freshers’ Welcome and Bonfire. I also handle any other activities assigned to me by the President, but majorly, my job is to find time for students to unwind and relax despite all the stress, exams and tests going on.

Interesting. Has this helped prepare you for the position you are currently vying for? 

To begin, I have been a member of the Female Affairs Committee for the last two tenures. I also hold an executive position in the ABH Literary and Debate Society, in addition to being the Social Secretary of APS. I believe my experiences serving in these positions have better equipped me for an Executive position in the Hall.

Okay. Why the Office of the Female Affairs Minister? 

Since I crossed over to UCH, I have been interested in this office. It is something I have grown even more passionate about over time. Even before I crossed over, I looked up to the likes of Anastasia. I have always been concerned about the welfare of female Brownites and I served on the Female Affairs Committee for two consecutive years. I believe I can make a real difference. 

That sounds lovely, but why now? 

In the 2021/2022 tenure, I served on the committee which was headed by Mercy Ajayi. I was able to utilize that opportunity to really learn about the office. I  was actively involved in the activities of the office back then. In a way, I was like her right-hand man. I was in the centre of things and learned a lot.

In the 2022/2023 tenure, however, I took a more passive approach, although I was still on the committee. I was able to observe the activities of the office from the backseat position this time around so I could identify what the problems were and where they lay. I was able to more objectively evaluate the activities of the Hall.

Armed with this knowledge, I believe I am now ready to take on the job.

That is interesting, to say the least. Apart from the positions you have mentioned, have you held any other political positions or are you in any other associations?

Yes. I am in Junior Chamber International (JCI). I am also a member of the Hall Assembly.

You are running for the post of Female Affairs Minister. As a female, how would you describe yourself? 

Wow. That is a little difficult but I think if I had to, I would describe myself as hardworking, resilient and a go-getter.

Although you are running unopposed, why should Brownites choose you? 

Brownites should choose me because first of all, I have a spotless track record so far. Secondly, I have feasible plans that can be actualized. And finally, I have the invaluable knowledge I gained while working on the Female Affairs Committee over time. In addition to learning how things are run, I know where the shoe is pinching. I intend to continue the good work so far and raise the standard by doing even better.

Do you mind giving us a sneak peek of your plan for Brownites?

I plan to improve sanitation, for starters. I would also work with female Brownites who are content creators or even simply just interested in writing to revive the blog. Another thing I plan to do is work with the Sports Minister to ensure that females are incorporated into sports activities and to ensure there are female counterparts to events like Mr Macho.

That sounds interesting. What are your hobbies and how do you like to spend your free time?

Well, I don’t know about hobbies but I spend most of my free time on my business. I am the CEO of Bomi’s Parfait.

Before we round up, is there anything you would like to say to Brownites?

Watch out. If I am elected, there is definitely going to be a change.

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