ABH Press spoke with the finance minister aspirant to know his plans and get Brownites acquainted.

Pressman: Good afternoon. Can you introduce yourself to Brownites?

Mr Fagbohun: Good afternoon. I am Fagbohun Elijah Ayinla, a 500l Medicine and Surgery student, and an aspirant of the office of the finance minister of Alexander Brown Hall.

Pressman: Alright. Why are you vying for this post? What inspired you?

Mr Fagbohun: My inspiration for the office of the finance minister is based on my desire to serve this great hall with some of the experience and skills I have acquired.

Pressman: What experience or skills have you acquired?

Mr Fagbohun: I have served as the head of the finance ministry of the Vessels of Honour Foundation and I have completed courses on finance and data analysis for business on online learning platforms.

Pressman: That’s quite interesting. Have you served the hall in any way before?

Mr Fagbohun: Yes. I have served in various committees of the Hall which include the price and quality control committee, Hall week publicity committee and the ABH TV Room Committee.

Pressman: Is there any new thing Brownites should expect from you? I mean, since you have taken courses on finance.

Mr Fagbohun: Yes. Brownites should be expecting a workshop on how to keep track and manage their income and expenditure better, in a professional manner, using Microsoft Excel.

Pressman: You’re not playing.

Mr Fagbohun: Of course not. I will moderate the workshop myself as I have advanced level knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Pressman: As an aspirant, do you have any problems with the last tenure as regards management of funds?

Mr Fagbohun: I believe there is always room for improvement even in the seemingly successful things we do.

Pressman: So, are you saying there were problems?

Mr Fagbohun: I wouldn’t say problems but there’s room for improvement.

Pressman: What are the things that should be improved?

Mr Fagbohun: Better record keeping and communication within and outside the House or executive council.

Pressman: Alright. If you’re elected, these things would be better?

Mr Fagbohun: If I’m elected, I would try as much as possible to work with the necessary offices in order to maintain a good level of communication.

Pressman: Okay. So, you have one opponent as of now. What edge do you think you have over your opponent ?

Mr Fagbohun: The edge I believe I have would be the experience and skills which I talked about earlier.

Pressman: Alright.  Do you have any closing remark for Brownites?

Mr Fagbohun: Dear Brownites, I am committed to serving this great hall to the best of my ability. All I need is your support and vote. Thank you.

Pressman: Okay. Thank you. That’ll be all for now.

Mr Fagbohun: Thank you very much for the interview.

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