Whom Shall We Send? And Who Will Go For Us?

by Onifade Oladimeji


The last few weeks must have seen you open your door to strangers; well, maybe not too strange. You probably have got his stickers and a couple of hundred messages from him even though you wonder how he got your number. Hopefully, while you walk around in the hall, you notice the walls, the water tanks, the tables, the gate, and other places you probably did not expect to see stickers. Also, when you buy takeaway packs at the cafeteria, you may notice a pair of eyes staring at you from a rectangular sticker stuck to the top of your package. Chill, don’t be frustrated just yet.

It is, of course, the most interesting time, seeing people that have never talked to you greet you, and sometimes, when they can, bow in an attempt to display how suddenly humility could overwhelm a man. Don’t get too emotional or think you have suddenly become important; more than you, your vote counts.

I am not good at making things up, but let me try to create a situation you have probably found yourself in: you hear strange knocks at your door and wonder who knocks so gently. Although, you aren’t expecting a visitor you’ve got one expecting you. If you are lucky, depending on the time of the day, you get a calm “Good morning/afternoon/evening,” probably the calmest, most soothing version you’ve ever got. You open the door to see two guys, two ladies, or more with smiles etched on their faces …

First, don’t be deceived. Second, don’t look around; the one who needs you the most is right before you rubbing his palms while looking at you for a welcoming expression. Then he goes on to talk about the situation of the Hall, the lapses in the previous administrations, and how bad they have performed. If you are enjoying it, he may add some lies. After all, of what harm is a little lie? He tells you his plans and promises that isn’t all. At this point, he has probably spent a few minutes and you are reasoning with him already.

Then the next day, his opponent shows up in a similar style, a bit calmer for he knows a man had come earlier. He tells you his way of dealing with matters that matter in the Hall. He makes promises just like the one before and convinces you to believe in things that may never happen. Now, you love him more than the one before.

Election is a game of numbers; the more people a person convinces, the higher his chance of winning. However, good leadership is neither by eloquence nor physique; mostly, we cast votes hoping that this person is better than the previous one. And that, this person doesn’t end up refusing corrections and making enemies out of the people he’s supposed to lead.

Having listened to the aspirants, their plans, and how they intend to achieve them, many people are quite unsure of who to vote for. The stickers, the BCs, and the videos have obviously done their money’s worth, and it’s left to Brownites to make their decision. However, as Election Day draws nearer, the question we should ask ourselves is, whom shall we send? And who will go for us?

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