ABH DECIDES 2022: “I am passionate about the growth of Alexander Brown Hall.” – Miss Tolulope Abodunrin, Finance Minister Aspirant.


In view of the upcoming elections for Alexander Brown Hall, ABH Press had an exclusive interview with one of the aspirants for the post of Finance Minister.

ABH PRESS: What is your name?

TOLULOPE: I’m Tolulope Abodunrin

ABH PRESS: What class are you in?

TOLULOPE: I’m a 500L student of the department of Physiotherapy

ABH PRESS: Tell us something about yourself

TOLULOPE: I’m a result oriented person, willing to go the extra mile to achieve desirable results and learning while at it.
My interests lie in arts, performing arts to be specific. I love to read also and you can find me in gatherings, making people laugh. I also enjoy watching sitcoms. If I’m not doing any of those things, I can be found learning anything that catches my interest.

ABH PRESS: What are the functions of the finance minister?

TOLULOPE: According to the constitution, the Finance Minister;
a. Will be the head of the finance committee.
b. Should receive all monies on behalf of the Hall and issue receipts
c. Will pay the money in subsection (b) above into the Hall Account within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt.
d. Should be responsible for all business ventures of the Hall.
e. Will be responsible for the disbursement of funds as approved by the Hall Assembly.
f. Should also be responsible for the safe keeping of all financial transactions of the Hall.
g. Will be a signatory to the Hall account.
h. Should present a formal financial report of his/her office to the Hall assembly every three months
i. Should present a formal account of stewardship at the Hall Assembly meeting after the Hall Week.

ABH PRESS: What prompted your decision to view for the post of finance minister?

TOLULOPE: I have excellent management, leadership and communication skills and I am passionate about the growth of Alexander Brown Hall.
This prompted my decision to vie for the post of the finance ministry and I’m confident that, if elected, I’ll thrive in this position seeing as I have the skills and experiences necessary to make a change.

ABH PRESS: What change(s) do you plan to effect and in what ways did the previous tenure lack that you intend to improve/work on?

TOLULOPE: If elected, I intend to work on both Internally and Externally Generated Revenues for the hall.
I intend to resuscitate and revamp the Alexander Brown Hall Ventures. Seeing as there’s more than enough competition for perishables and edibles in the hall, right from the shop at the gate, to Wura’s, to Al-Falah, I’ll propose a change in the services that ABH Ventures would offer.
This will be done by first making sure that Brownites know that the ABH Ventures is open to serve them, basically creating awareness of what services ABH Ventures would run, which would include printing and photocopying. I’m sure that we all know how difficult it can be to make photocopies and print our documents.
Also, in my plan is to introduce the sales of food items. From my findings, profit can be made from the sales of items such as rice, spaghetti, beans and the likes and this will also reduce stress of going to markets to get things like that. And increase patronage for ABH ventures

ABH PRESS: What do you see yourself doing in the first 60 days if you’re elected as finance minister?

TOLULOPE: Taking steps towards the achievement of my objectives and working together with my team and the executive council on how to make our administration a successful one

ABH PRESS: What motivates you?

TOLULOPE: I like challenging myself and growing on a personal level.
I have had to work on projects that I found personally challenging and that has enabled me to develop new skills which I would not have bothered to learn on my own. This has boosted my confidence level and it keeps me motivated, even on days when things don’t go as I planned.

ABH PRESS: How do you feel having an opponent running for the same post?

TOLULOPE: (Smiles) I’m indifferent and my motivation to serve hasn’t dwindled. I have my eyes on the goal, irrespective of the number of opponent(s) I might have.

ABH PRESS: What edge do you think you have over him?

TOLULOPE: Well, I can only speak about my strengths seeing as I am not familiar with my opponent, nor his strength(s).
However, given my unique experiences in leadership, effective communication and also having belonged and headed finance teams with outstanding results, I believe I can thrive in this position as the Finance Minister.

ABH PRESS: What relevant working experience do you have regarding the post of finance minister?

TOLULOPE: I have served as a treasurer, member of a Fund raising committee and head of a fund raising committee in reputable organisations.
These experiences have honed my skills in budgeting and also marketing.
I have also worked as a member and head of several committees within and outside ABH.
I’m currently the class representative of the 2019 physiotherapy class (2017 till date).
This has helped my leadership and communication skills.

ABH PRESS: What should we expect from you if elected?

TOLULOPE: Expect accountability, expect hardwork, expect transparency.
Expect a change, for good, in the finances of this great Hall.

ABH PRESS: Thank you for your time.

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  1. Fae says

    Clearly the candidate for the post, Elite mentality and focus.

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