ABH decides 2019: “I am not a radical feminist” – Mobosola Ajani, Female Affairs Minister aspirant


ABH PRESS caught up with Miss Mobosola Ajani, an Aspirant for the office of the Female Affairs Minister of ABH for a chat on her ambition and drive to head the office. All efforts to get Miss Anastasia Nwaezuoke proved abortive, as Miss Nwaezuoke declined any form of interview with the Press.

Here’s what Miss Ajani had to say about her intentions to lead the Female Affairs Ministry.

Interviewer: Good evening Miss Mobosola Ajani. Please can we meet you? A brief introduction of yourself.

Miss Mobosola Ajani: My name is Mobosolaoluwa Ajani. I’m a 500L student of Medicine and Surgery. I’m running for the post of female affairs minister of ABH.

Interviewer: Can you briefly give us an overview of the organizations that you are presently in and your roles in those organizations?

Miss Mobosola Ajani: In UCH, I am in the forum which is a leadership training organization and it’s an avenue where you can train yourself as a leader. The maximum number of people in the organization is 15. I have worked as an intern in an event planning organization. Its majorly because of school I’m not doing it, I did it for close to two years.

Interviewer: Can you briefly tell us your experience so far as a Female Medical Student and presently as a brownite?

Miss Mobosola Ajani: (laughs) Medical school is generally not easy for anyone irrespective of the gender. Talking about being a female medical student. (Breaks) Okay, I know there was something embarrassing that happened when I was in ENT, there was this professor who told us to lean against the wall and the professor came and he had this irritating look on his face. He was like “there are more females in medical school” he kept on repeating it like it was one terrible thing like that. Then he said what is medical school becoming and he hissed and jammed the door. So it can be annoying and sometimes being a female can be to your advantage, people that generally don’t like females and they refer to you as a small girl. But they never refer to a boy as a small boy(laughs). When I came to ABH, it was exciting. As a Female brownite, the experience has been good and you get to interact with people from different departments although it’s limited. You are like together, so you can interact more with each other. It’s just that sometimes the floor smells (laughs) urine, everywhere can be dirty and messy and it can be really annoying. My room is near the toilet so at times we just perceive the smell, especially when you have visitors. It can be annoying.

Interviewer: What communities and activities have you been involved in ABH?

Miss Mobosola Ajani: In UIMSA, I was in preclinical press. I was part of the organizers of FOP (Face of preclinical). Also, I worked in UIMSA WORLD AIDS DAY 2017. Then for ABH proper, I have worked in information ministry, female affairs ministry. (laughs) There are a lot actually. Culinary competition, publicity committee and so on.

Interviewer: You are currently going for the post of the female affairs minister for ABH, right?

Mobosola Ajani: Yes

Interviewer: Why? What are your intentions? And I would like if you give us instances?

Miss Mobosola Ajani: Okay actually, the whole summary of my plan is to help to build all-round brownites. All round females generally. First of all, to foster unity among females which is really important and to keep up the good work that the current female affairs minister is doing because she has done a lot of good work. And also to improve the biz expo we have been having for the past two years, work hand in hand with floor rep to maintain cleanliness of female blocks which is really important and other things I would say during the manifesto.

Interviewer: How do you intend to contribute positively to the lives of female brownites?

Miss Mobosola Ajani: Well, with the plans I have, it would help to improve everyone generally but especially female brownies. I’m partial because of the office I’m going for it’s partial to female brownites. The Constitution says to help to build the female brownites which includes the social, the economic that is entrepreneur, also the maintenance aspect. I have ideas that are in line with the goals of the office and I hope if I am given a chance, I would be able to do them.

Interviewer: Surely, during your campaign you must have heard this question, but I’ll ask anyway for the purpose of our readers – “Are you in any way a feminist? Do you believe in the concept of feminism?”

Miss Mobosola Ajani: Okay, (laughs) somehow I knew this question would come up. Since I have been doing my campaign, I have been asked a lot. People have been asking me if I’m a feminist. Well, there are different waves of feminism and there are different types of feminism. And generally, a movement which advocates for the equality of women on different platforms which includes the economic aspect, social aspect, political aspect. And I believe generally, the way I was brought up, I was brought up to believe that all genders are all equal irrespective of whether you are male and female, you are equal. So yes, because that’s how feminism started. So I would say I’m a feminist. But I’m not a radical feminist

Interviewer: For instance, if a fight happens in the TV room between a guy and a girl over the TV remote, whose side would you be on? And why?

Miss Mobosola Ajani: The thing is (laughs). You have to hear the two sides first. How did it happen? You never make judgements based on whether they are male or female. You make judgements based on what happened. So you listen to both sides and make your Judgement. Maybe by the person that got to the TV room first or the way they spoke to each other, it might be the approach that made one of them act that way.

Interviewer: If elected as female affairs minister, what are your visions, your goals and objectives for the tenure?

Miss Mobosola Ajani: In total, it’s just helping to build a complete person to the best of my ability. Of course, we are all involved in academics and we have school. We are more than school and just going and coming back. You never know what you have except you develop it. Also, we have people that are scared of “after school”. So it’s helping to prepare people for what’s is after school, it’s the major thing. Also giving back because we can’t function as an island on our own.

Interviewer: How would you convince a female brownite who is indifferent towards social activities in the hall for females, to become an active participant?

Miss Mobosola Ajani: Every person generally is not interested in everything. You always have something that makes you tick, something that makes you excited. So also, diversity not just narrowing what I want to do to just one particular thing. Things that are visible, things can be easily be done and things that most people will be interested in. So if you are not interested, okay, it’s important that unity is fostered. So if elected, the ministry will help foster unity of female brownites and talking to them. So if we notice we will talk to them and try to convince them although I know there are some people that are indifferent towards the ministry now, but telling them the advantage and making them know the importance can make a difference.

Interviewer: How does an ideal woman look to you, in terms of qualities, traits, characteristics etc.?

Mobosola Ajani: An ideal woman is a balanced woman. A woman that is able to handle whatever comes her way. A woman that is diverse. A woman that is good. Let’s say for example, in ABH now, she is good academically, financially, she is stable emotionally, she is stable in every sphere and she is able to combine it well. And also live in harmony with her communities.

Interviewer: What are your hobbies? And how do they relate with female affairs ministry?

Miss Mobosola Ajani: I love reading actually. Reading was something I was brought up with. Reading helps to broaden your perspective and makes you ready to listen to other people’s opinions, so you will be a very good listener, a very good conservationist, you are not just a closed person which is important for the office. You are open to criticism and also improve yourself. But I like cooking. I like sleeping (laughs). I like talking with people. I like interacting with people. I feel like people have lots of knowledge that you can tap into. So I like to hear opinions especially when I feel like you have lots of wisdom. I want to hear you talk. I love talking, I can talk for a long period of time but when I’m quiet, I’m really quiet.

Interviewer: Do you have a motto for this tenure?

Miss Mobosola Ajani: Generally, a balanced woman.

Interviewer: Thank you very much. That’ll be all for now.

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