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If you are conversant with happenings all over the world, you would have noticed a paradigm shift from career politicians to political novices. Using America, Ukraine, Lithuania etc. as case studies, one will notice a yearning by the electorates to get rid of political jobbers.

Who are these career politicians? They are politicians who desire to remain politically correct and relevant. They always find ways to stand in the middle; practically standing for nothing. Their portfolios are decorated with positions, titles without achievements. They are very good administrators but poor leaders. They have so learnt to play by the political rules that one would hardly fault them. They rarely offend anyone; almost always in everyone’s good book. I call them fraudsters and chameleon.

The world all over has woken up to their charade. Americans voted them out and other nations are following. People are now looking for persons with clear cut identities: those who will build the walls, restrict immigration, effect brexit, just stand for something.
Back to ABH elections, I was really impressed by the number of aspirants. This is a wide contrast to last year’s where we basically had no elections since most posts had one aspirant. I have noticed both novices and career politicians in the race.

A disclaimer : I believe every brownite can play any administrative role in ABH. It is not rocket science.
But beyond administrators, I seek leaders. Beyond political correctness, I seek creativity. Nigeria has for far too long a time suffered under administrators. Those who can play by the books without visions and innovations. We have had men rise through the ranks to become presidents, governors etc. without vision, character and identity.

“This is just ABH elections, why make a big deal out of it? “ some may ask. Don’t be deceived friends, political jobbers have taken over our country. Most of them started off as student leaders, treasurer, secretary, chairpersons etc. They must as a matter of necessity decorate their portfolio. The sad news is that we have always allowed them. “they are not harmful.” We think. On the contrary, they have actually destroyed our country. They only seek their own. They are bereft of ideas. We must take back our nation from them; and that starts from ABH.

So before the elections, please, at your leisure, engage these aspirants. Look beyond their manifesto, see who they really are. What are their views about leadership? What do they stand for? A simple lithium test would be, what their contribution was at the ‘no to 100k’. These will help up make up your mind.

My humble appeal to you is that you should never get carried away by portfolios, beauty or eloquence. Go for character. If he doesn’t stand for anything, he is definitely not your candidate.

It’s time to say no to career politicians, the political jobbers.

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