On the night of Friday, 11th March, 2022, the 62nd Alexander Brown Hall Week reached its climax— the Cultural Night. The cafeteria was transformed with decorations that exhibited the beauty in cultural diversity. The live band and vendors were all set as Brownites trickled in in their colorful cultural attires and took several pictures before settling down. 

The event kicked off with the introduction of the judges of the event which was followed by the presentation of the 2k19 MBBS/BDS Class. Members of the class represented the Hausa culture. They bedazzled the audience with a beautiful live performance of the life of Queen Amina. Then, a guest performer presented a Yoruba eulogy for different people of the Yoruba culture. The live band entertained the audience with soulful Nigerian music and some awards were presented. Then, the 2k18 class performed as they represented the Igbo culture. They delivered a stellar acting performance of a fight for the throne. The second set of awards were presented and the 2k17 class who appeared to have forgotten to prepare a presentation were asked to dance on the stage to celebrate their final year in medical school. The next set of awards were presented and the live band continued to entertain the audience as other classes danced on stage. 


Thereafter, the winner of the class performance was announced by one of the judges, Miss Okojie Eghonghon. She stated the criteria for judging which were: creativity, authenticity, accuracy, stage management, use of language and time management. The 2k18 class came first with 54.75 points, while the 2k19 class came second with 34.75 points. More awards were presented and the event came to a close as the audience listened to more soulful music from the live band. The after party then began immediately with a DJ at the same venue. 

The set of awards presented were as follows:

Freshman of the year: Mr Okunlola Praise
Take home to mama: Miss Ogunfolaju Timileyin
Gentleman of the year: Mr Ebengho IK
Most friendly brownite: Mr Adejumo Michael
Akpororo of ABH(Ribcracker): Mr Goroti Samuel
Most active on social media: Mr Ali Zema
Most handsome brownite: Mr Adegoroye Promise
Most beautiful brownite: Miss Eromosele Lucy
Best dressed brownite (male): Mr Ajayi Bolu
Best dressed brownite (female): Miss Akingbesote Tomisin
Most sought after brownite (male): Mr Adefarati Ope
Most sought after brownite (female): Miss Ayeni Miracle
Cafeteria major: Miss Oyebanji Tolu
Hour glass: Miss Oloruntobi Adesewa
Big, bold and beautiful: Miss Ebengho Judith
Entrepreneur of the year (male category): Mr Owoputi Taye
Entrepreneur of the year (female category): Miss Success Love
Sportsperson of the year (male category): Mr Aworanti Paul
Sportsperson of the year (female category): Miss Akinbowale Testimony
Turn up king: Mr Ogunlana Segun
Turn up queen: Miss Maduka Millicent
Mr Macho: Mr Ojo Precious
Money bag of the hall: Mr Olumide Mololuwa
Most participatory brownite: Mr Olorunfemi Olaoluwa
Most versatile brownite: Mr Ebiaku Thompson
Bookworm of the year: Mr Aremu Matthew
TV room major: Mr Atoyebi Victor
Gentleman of the year: Ebengo IK
Legislator of the year: Miss Fadugbagbe Oluwanifemi
Power couple of the year: Laolu and Jaachi
Politician of the year: Mr Jegede Olaoye
Hall porter of the year: Porter Chimezie
Best dressed of the night (male category): Mr Adejumo Michael
Best dressed of the night (female category): Miss Oyebanji Tolu
Organization of the year: Red Cross, UCH
Finalist of the year (Physiotherapy): Mr Ebiaku Thompson
Finalist of the year (MLS): Mr Oyebamiji Toba
Finalist of the year (MBBS): Mr Jegede Olaoye
Finalist of the year (BDS): Miss Ayeni Miracle
Hall Executive of the year: Mr Jegede Olaoye

Below are brownites’ feedbacks concerning the event as were relayed to ABH Press;

Moyosore 2k17: The fact that the cultural night was going to replaced dinner made me look forward to the event. When 2k19 presented, I felt it was short but I was quite pleased when 2k18 presented as they gave us a Nollywood vibe. The palm wine was great and the service was great too. All in all, the event was good but I didn’t feel the vibe from the live band.

Anonymous: The event was lovely but the only issue I has was that there was heat.

Michael 2k17: It was awesome and colorful. The decorations were top notched though I pictured it better than that but it was cool. The performances, especially that of the 2k18 class was entertaining. It was just fun. The logistics was great and kudos to the organizing committee, Lanre and her team. I won best dressed of the coronation night and it was awesome that Brownites came out in their cultural attire.

Jumoke 2k19: It was fun though I got there late so I missed a drama. But I watched the 2k18 performance and I liked it. The food was okay for #500 but the pack was leaking the soup and my trouser was stained because of that. I feel a plastic should have been used. I really had fun though as I don’t really come out for events such as this.

Anonymous: I felt it was awesome for the #500 and I had fun at the after party. I didn’t like the presentation of Yoruba Eulogy made by the guest presenter as I felt it was chaotic with the drum and all. I like the food, palm wine, decorations and picture stage.

Somoye 2k18: I would like to commend the organizing committee. I didn’t expect a lot of people to attend the event as the hall week looked disorganized due to the cancellation of dinner but it lived up to the expectation as I had fun. One thing that could have been worked on was the availability of chairs as people were standing. It was nice, the decorations and content of the program was great. The palm wine didn’t seem like it was going to end, it was overflowing.


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