It’s another weekend and a brand new playlist with fresh music is out. ‘Feel the feels’ this week consists of new songs from different artists in the last few weeks.

My favorite songs on this playlist are Sigue and Forever my love. Sigue which means “follow” is a new song by Ed Sheeran and J Balvin. It is a mixture of both artists’ vibes- pop and reggaeton. Asides Ed sheeran beautifully delivering in Spanish, the song shows the ability to create a flawless mix of genres and this makes the song beautiful in my opinion.

The second song on the two-song Ep released by these artists is ‘Forever my love’ which was also sung in Spanish. This collaboration, according to udiscovermusic, was born out of organic friendship between these two artists. In a press release, J balvin said he met Ed Sheeran in the gym six months ago. They later had coffee together, bonding over little things and a friendship was born out of it. According to both of them, they invited each other into their music worlds and Ed sheeran admitted that learning Spanish was a challenge for him.

Other songs on this playlist are new and equally beautiful. While ‘Sigue’ and ‘Forever my love’ remain my favorites, I particularly like the afrobeat music and Dave’s Starlight. You should listen:?

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