By Ridwan Ojewale

Few weeks after the spoon recycling allegation, Brownites have again slammed a new one, this time specifically on Prestige Kitchen. It has been alleged that there is usually a reduction in the (spoon) size of food sold to Brownites when compared to outsiders’. This, Brownites have attributed to the fact they buy for a cheaper price since the reduction would eventually equate the prices. Complaints were especially on (dry) beans and Jollof/fried rice.

A 400level physiotherapy student who informed the press (on condition of anonymity) decried; “when they serve those outsiders, the spoon is fuller, but when it gets to Brownites’ turn, they reduce it. Eventually, we’re buying at the same rate like that”.

Another Brownites, a 600level BDS students, also corroborated the claim saying; “I had to fight them and leave at a point. In fact, many people don’t care which side they queue on again because it doesn’t make any difference”.

Another had also said when asked, “They shake the rice spoon to reduce it. They also put hand behind the spoon at times when they want to sell dry beans and they sell one slice of plantain for ten naira, that’s ridiculous”.

Complaints were as well made about the lack of preferential treatment of Brownites; one major electoral promise of the newly elected hall chairman. Usually, Brownites are seen in high numbers waiting on the servers of Prestige Kitchen (due to discontentedness with Ofada kitchen) and many a times, when at least two or three attend to non Brownites, only one is seen before Brownites.

Nothing yet from the Social and Buttery Minister yet.

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