Although “Dawn” signifies the beginning of a new day, it does not imply that the challenges we faced the previous day are entirely behind us. Sometimes, we have to wake and confront the violence we let brew from the night before.



The inauguration of the Revamped Agenda marked the formal culmination of the transition from the Transcending Limit tenure. Mr Olaoye Jegede and his cabinet have taken over at a crucial moment when inter-class tension has escalated and the communal spirit of the Hall is threatened.

The protracted tenure of Mr Folajomi Isa saw us deal with the longest ASUU strike ever, a novel pandemic and an extensive campaign against police brutality, aka #EndSARS. In what seems to be an eventful period globally, there were much fewer events for the Hall. We saw the EcoMed Hall Week dream waste away like Timo Werner in the face of a goal. The elaborate plans of various committees sublimed into thin air. Despite the hope of an “Enchanted Forest” themed dinner, all we had was a buffet of disappointment.

All our losses as a hall would not quite count in the grand scope of things, however. With millions of lives lost globally and billions of the Queen’s pounds lost or diverted into managing the scourge of virus, our disappointments (as a Hall) only amount to a drop in the bucket. However, we should talk about them too.

As expected, the trying times have tried the prided bond among Brownites with egos clashing and inter-class wars raging. No, the previous executive council was also unable to keep the peace. Here was one limit they did not transcend. Strangely so, they were caught between crossfires some times and at one end of the gun at other times.

Dear Brownites, in an atmosphere filled with impulsive reactions and ugly consequences, we have voided too many hurtful words into the air – touching the ground and breaking as egg. We have come a long way since the pandemic brought activities to a halt. We have lost so much and here goes the first challenge for the new executive council.

To build on the undeniable legacies of the Transcending Limits team, they must first drain the bad blood. The budding and fairly mental-health-friendly ABH community need to be rebuilt. The bricks of offences must be pulled down and gradually replaced with forgiveness, tolerance, and understanding.

Although we have been away from a hall many of us call home and distant from some of the people we call friends and family, we may still conjure the old communal spirit. Else, the tenure might be on to achieve little. It is a new executive tenure and a new publishing year for the Alexander Brown Hall Press too. We wish the Revamped Agenda team an amazing term.

Wahala no dey finish, and we are back to doing our job. 

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