It is still that time of the year. As easy as it is to get swept up in the idea that it’s a New Year, your resolutions have been outlined, exams are upcoming or already here and thus the holidays are over, I’m here to implore you to resist the temptation. As much as the first and second articles in the “THAT TIME OF THE YEAR” series focused on how to have fun and find a little wonder during the holidays, this article will outline how to keep that little bit of wonder and how to get through the year.


In recent times, years have surprisingly acquired the ability to fly by, so I fully understand the urge to jump in head first. However, it is crucial you hold on to the magic of the holidays for as long as possible. Go about your daily activities but do it with your head in the clouds, at the very least for the next two weeks. It’s January. We can all agree that on average, January drags on seemingly forever. This is one month wherein you are in no danger of having time pass unnoticed. And anyway as a medical student, 2 of 52 weeks for a holiday is entirely unfair. If you can’t take one more for yourself, then you should at least take things slow. Reacquaint yourself with your workload at a pace that is kinder to you.

Intentionality rocks.

Telling you to be intentional about your goals would likely be over-flogging the point. I am only here to remind you that as you chase your dreams and work towards your goals, remember to be just as intentional about your leisure, about anything and anyone that makes you breathe easier and your life brighter. It would be a tragedy to spend the entirety of the year running. Even marathons have rest stations where you can drink water and catch your breath. Be kinder to you this year.


I am aware you just hammered them out and you probably have not actualized any just yet. That is not the point. Your resolutions need to be examined critically for the simple reason that I am almost entirely confident that less than 25% of your goals for this year involve you relaxing and/or having fun. Feel free to prove me wrong. However, in the likely event that you can’t, consider this your sign to add a few goals to your list that primarily serve to add merriment to your life. Make it a point to go out more, purchase something you simply just want at least once every month, etc.



Taking risks remain a fundamental part of our human existence. Wealthy businessmen, and scientists with groundbreaking investments are known to be some of the biggest risk- takers in the world. We all know that the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward…and there is also a little thing called luck. So this year, take more risks no matter how daunting and unlikely they may seem. Try to fail forward, your luck just might surprise you. If by the end of the year, you have not accumulated a bucketful of nos, you will have failed me.

Those are my suggestions for a fuller, happier year; hold on to your wonder, be intentional about your fun and relaxation, include fun in your resolutions and fail forward more often. I will be rooting for you as you do. Happy New Year and all the best of luck.

PS. In the event that you have exams this month, ABH Press wishes you all the luck the world has to offer. Feel free to take up these suggestions after the hurdle. You’ve got this!

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