It has been quite a year. One liberally studded with rollercoasters that took us to delightful highs as well as shocking lows. With December already halfway through, it is time to begin saying our goodbyes to the year and reflecting on which resolutions we were able to uphold and which ones fell by the wayside. Much like the theme all year, the end-of-the-year festivities seem bent on approaching whether or not we are ready for it. I am here to offer unsolicited advice on how to be ready for it.

As a self-proclaimed Grinch, I will not be meeting the festivities with a smile on my face or joy in my heart but I sincerely hope you feel differently and in the event that you do, I come armed with suggestions I have amassed from friends and family who hope to redeem the Grinch in me on how to get into the spirit of the festive period. They include: 


Any and all forms count. Shopping, be it virtually or in person, for clothes or for foodstuff, is an end-of-the-year staple. Retail therapy is a certified mood lifter and there is also the added bonus of new clothes or a fun meal prep.


Put up your Christmas decorations or end-of-the-year decorations. It does not have to be conventional. Take a pick of what excites you and set it up. Be that a Christmas tree and wreaths or fairy lights and your most draining textbooks stacked into the shape of a tree. Get creative and rope your family and friends into it. It will be fun, I promise.


This is one suggestion that I took with a pinch of salt but people swear by it so hopefully, you give it a chance. Cook something new, if not special. It should be something you haven’t made before or at the very least, haven’t made in a long time. Invite a friend/taste-tester over, give a disclaimer with regards to your skill and then, go to town. It sounds like fun in theory. Be sure to let me know if it actually is when you try it out.

Holiday Movies

It goes without saying that the end-of-the-year festivities are for Hallmark movies but if that is not your cup of tea, fair enough. Make a list of yours and binge-watch them. A good movie is a certified mood lifter, and there’s no harm in watching an urbanite fall for a small-town baker for the 64th time.


As children, getting our hair elaborately done was more or less a holiday requirement. As adults, however, we have fallen for the allure and painlessness of wigs, afros and “it’s not that rough”. Cut or make your hair this season. If nothing else, it will take you back to your juvenile years.


It is the season of concerts. Attend at least one. It can be a carol or it can be your favourite Afrobeat artist, whatever suits you. There is something to be said for live concerts so no, streaming via Youtube does not count. It has to be a fully immersive experience.


Nothing says change is coming quite like re-organizing and tidying up your space. Re-organizing, once completed, brings a unique sense of satisfaction and calm. Tidy up your lockers, your rooms and your shelves. Feel free to thank me later.

A few honourable mentions include taking a risk you avoided all year, going to an end-of-the-year party, and reviewing your New Years’ resolutions.

Disclaimer: None of these suggestions have been tested and they are not exactly trusted. In theory, they sound like they hold water but don’t be disappointed if they don’t work for you. However, if by some Christmas miracle they do work, kindly let me know so I can inform my friends and family that although they failed to “save” me, they managed to help someone else.


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