The holidays are here already, and though some of us have plans set in place (yes, thanks to the previous list), others are still at a loss for what to do. Fret not, my darlings. Santa is here to provide you with more options to make this a December to remember. It is important to note that to infuse the spirit of the season into these activities, you are advised to wear red or green on all occasions. Don’t be worried you would look like a Christmas tree or poster, you will not be the only one.



What better way to spend the holiday than over games, laughter and goofing around with your favourite people? You can tailor the activities based on your friend group, but must-haves for these include: a makeshift/real Christmas tree and lights, karaoke for Carols, and Christmas-themed snacks.


I have to tell you that I personally think this is a very terrible idea – but that’s just my preference because I’m not a fan of crowded places. The entire world always seems to be out during the holidays, and you’d have malls, eateries and parks teeming with people. Let this not deter you though, as there is loads of fun to be had outside. This includes, but is not limited to, date nights, amusement parks, museums, arcades and even concerts.


In the spirit of the season and trying new recipes, I recommend you bake a cake. Of course, if you’ve been doing this in previous years, you require no pointers from me. But if you haven’t, I advise you to explore Youtube; there is a large world of flour, sugar and butter waiting to be discovered. Besides, what’s a celebration without cake?


It has most definitely been a long year…longer for some than others. Therefore, this is a perfect time to put a smile on a child’s face, or anyone for that matter, and make them feel the warmth that comes with Christmas. Either as a part of an organization or a personal effort, you can visit an orphanage this year with gifts, food, music or whatever it is you can afford. And if you’re feeling extra generous, you can throw them a Christmas party!


You’ve worked all year, and you totally deserve to rest. So put your phone on airplane mode, get out your Christmas pyjamas, your favourite brand of wine and scented candles. Turn off the lights, tune out the rest of the world, pour yourself a glass and spend the day just lazing around.

P.S.: We hope you try something new this holiday season. We look forward to getting your feedback!

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