150 Days in Office: Brownites Rate The Revamped Agenda.


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As the Revamped Agenda clocked 150 days in office this past week, the Alexander Brown Hall Press caught up with some hall members. They shared their views about the administration so far and provided a rating. Kindly note that the opinions shared below do not belong to the Press but to the interviewed persons. 


“So far, the executives have been trying their best. It’s not an easy task to be saddled with other responsibilities as a student so I commend them for a job well done . However, what is what doing is what doing well. 

In aspect of hygiene, I think bigger wastebaskets should be provided for some floors and probably waste bags should be given out on Saturdays/Sundays since the cleaners are usually not around on Sundays and the wastebaskets are usually too full and people tends to drop their wastes on the floor (this can be shared through the floor reps). 

To all executives; the tenure is halfway already, and efforts should be put in place to carry out the plans you promised in your manifestos (as long as the pandemic doesn’t hinder it). And May God help you all. “

Rating: 7/10

Jane Doe, 400L, Physiotherapy




Miss Olanrewaju Ajeigbe of the BDS 2k17 class noted the executives were impressive in handling the COVID-19 situation of the hall as they have ensured the hall is still open. Water has been good. Light has been good, I dont know if it is them, but it has been good until recently.

Public relations have not been too good. The notices, instructions are less suggestive but have a more mandatory tone around them. It is nuance really, in that it is not something to cause an outrage, but it could be distressing. She cited inaccessibility to the executives as a challenge. 

She expects them to have a smoothly running tenure. I understand how leadership can be, and as long as we have a tenure that Brownites always come first and not personal ego.

She rated them “a solid 6/10”. 




“My only concern is the fact that the TV room has not been opened this tenure. It is very understandable since there is an upsurge in the COVID-19 cases in the hall but I feel that reasonable alternatives/compromise could be reached with the hall management to get things running”

Rating: 7.5/10

Couver, BDS 2k18




Generally, I don’t think the tenure has been anything exceptional. But it’s not been terrible. Also, given that I understand certain challenges with the Covid situation. Not just campaign promises. Things budgeted for too. From clothing lines to lights in the floors, to waste management on floors, the state of the gym, etc. The health minister and the hall chairman should also be doing much more with the state of the cleaners. It’s been a painfully ridiculous experience with a lot of them. The cleaners on G block are particularly terrible.

One of them keeps coming to mop the floor of the toilet and bathrooms but NEVER actually wash the toilets (water closets) and bathrooms (walls and floors) themselves. The toilet curtains look so disgusting.

One would be forgiven if one forgot these things were renovated not long ago.

I have grown tired of filing reports at the porters’ place. The floors stink most times from the stench. These new cleaners NEVER sweep the corridors too. Even the outside floors they mop, they only do it like 2 or 3 times a week. I can confirm that the urinals and water closets haven’t been washed in months. That’s all I can say for now ?.

Rating: 5.5/10

Mark Obeya, MBBS 2k18




I say kudos to the hall chairman for his good and consistent liaison with the school management and how he has been handling hall matters: his efforts are commendable, particularly when few Brownites were ill. Mr chairman, you are well appreciated.

I love that ABH ventures is running smoothly now despite the terrible setbacks and the swift response we had to the cafeteria issues early this session. However, there is still more room for improvement.

In addition, the blackouts on the corridors of B block should be settled ASAP. Darkness is not acceptable.

Interhall games have commenced, the sports minister should kindly ensure that Brownites who represent us do not regret it. Adequate care, practice, morale from Brownites and good sportsmanship all round.

I’d rate the PRO a 9/10. She has been doing a fantastic job so far. The additional innovations she has included is noticed and appreciated. Well done ma’am. 

Moving forward, the health minister should do more. Understanding the times, we expect a bit more proactiveness from his office. So also the female affairs minister, is she in touch with all-female floor reps? What bubble should we expect from her office in thcoe ming days- something big or nothing at all? 

All executives should keep up the good work and ensure they fulfil their election promises.

Rating: 7/10

Atere’ Semiloore,  MBBS 2k18


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